Summarizes three kinds of stationmaster to make money the patternRipple easy to brush CPA suspended

has been in touch with the Internet since he was in high school. It has been more than 10 years since the song was counted. In these 10 years, I also tried to do a lot of Web sites, but did not succeed, after a period of time, no traffic, it did not go to manage it. Maybe I’ve got a fever, and I’ve got another website recently, but the pie doesn’t hit me on the head. Nothing like two before. But this time, I’m confident that I won’t give up as easily as before. Because of this, I also summed up the friends around me, they do the way station.

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second, he is a technical, and now is not a special site, but also work while doing the station, I heard he was in the company’s technical block boss, Mister special to him. To tell the truth, as far as I know, his technique is really cattle. He is now opening a network company with another of his friends. He is very small. He and his friends are two. His friend is in charge of taking bills outside, because they are both part-time jobs. So when two people a month can only earn 1000 dollars, with the passage of time, the business volume of his friend pulled more slowly, and this friend of his technique is excellent, can speed after orders according to the requirements of the task assigned. Income has increased gradually, and now they earn about eight thousand to ten thousand in 21 months.

‘s last appearance was a full-time job. Technically, like second friends, they are very cattle B. But he has the same personality as I do. He doesn’t talk very much. People say that there is not much to do with the technique. It seems to have been shown on the brother. Although few words, but people still very warm-hearted. And also have their own ideas. Just as he started to stand, I lost as much as I did. Now what he mainly does is the website navigation this piece. Have a team of your own. Like regular companies, employees are paid monthly for team members. Visible, his present website should also be done not bad. The above is the situation of my three friends, I hope to give the station novice friends some inspiration, more than one way of thinking on one more way. I hope you an early success, finally I hope you reproduced indicate the author’s small, fast weight loss method:!

was the first one to speak of a college student. 20 years old or so, I heard that when he was very young, he began to contact the network. Now he has three websites himself, but there’s only one on the table. The main thing he does here is to sell the website source code and sell out links. Because he sells the source code price is very low, so the monthly sales can be guaranteed, coupled with the monthly sale of links, a month or 3000 yuan or so. It’s good for a student to learn and earn money while studying.