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Tencent – in December 27th, the Bay Area start-ups attracted worldwide attention, partly because they received huge financing from local venture capitalists. But Joe ·: Lille JonLehr is worried that if startups want to sell their technology to big companies, they’d better consider going to New York.

is co – founder of Work-Bench, a technology entrepreneur accelerator, and head of the Work-Bench venture capital division. He pointed out that New York is their home for many big companies in the financial services, media and other industries". You know, companies can provide a lot of useful feedback, and if start-up companies are lucky enough, they can even earn a lot of money.

, who worked at Morgan Stanley’s technology business development team in Lille, has personally seen the financial services giant pay for the technology. Any promising enterprise, technology providers should go to New York development, here can bring them a lot of money.

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in a sense, Acceleprise is similar to AlchemistAccelerator, and Work-Bench aims to cater to start-ups in the field of enterprise technology.

Abstract any promising enterprise, technology providers should go to New York development, where they can bring them a lot of money.

, however, "there are some differences between Work-Bench and this type of accelerator, at least in one important aspect: it does not hold demo days, and allows investors to understand the entrepreneurs they train.". Instead, they drive entrepreneurs out before potential IT buyers and customers. They won’t like some Vc firm as the introduction of "resident entrepreneurs", but the introduction of Merck Co as the first "the accelerator resident enterprise", so that this multinational pharmaceutical company in charge of innovation and start-up companies, and to the knowledge required.

"in enterprise technology, you can’t telecommuting." "I mean, if you want to succeed, you have to do business on the ground," Lille told Work-Bench in an interview with VentureBeat recently. You don’t have to put all your business here, but you have to sell here."

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at the same time, the venture capital division of Work-Bench will also invest $250 thousand to $1 million to startups, so it will go with >

clearly, some start-ups focused on the corporate sector have agreed with Lille’s theory. Work-Bench currently supports companies including ContextRelevant, CoreOS, Digital, Reasoning, Kasisto, Nodejitsu, and vArmour.