This is Yongle Film and television fourth backdoor Wang Zhongjun Huayi Brothers missed 1 billion 20

HTC new material was previously Focus Media backdoor object, backdoor draft released half a month later, HTC new material and its actual controller has been investigated by the commission. 3 months later, the Focus Media abandoned shell HTC new material, "passed on" HEDY holding.

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still hasn’t given up looking for shells. In May 2015, Yongle Film again targeting Hong Keung e, the latter announced 2 billion 780 million yuan set by the acquisition of Yongle film. Among them, private brother Xu Xiangqi of Shanghai Xu Ze hee increase investment intends to subscribe for 850 million yuan to participate in the reorganization of assets. Unexpectedly, in November last year, Xu Xiang was arrested, the reorganization also had to terminate.

due to planning a major asset restructuring, suspended more than two months of HTC new material 002211.SZ recently revealed a major asset restructuring plan. Plan shows, Wing Lok film and television intends to price 3 billion 260 million backdoor HTC new material.

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December 2013, Huayi Brothers announced that it intends to own 397 million 800 thousand yuan of funds to acquire 51% stake in Yongle film. However, the acquisition failure seems to begin with omen, Huayi Brothers has pointed out in the announcement at the same time, because of its and Cheng Lidong signed the "core item list" is not legally binding, so the investment is still uncertain. Sure enough, after the acquisition will no longer below, the two sides also part.

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until two months ago, HTC new material announced plans for major asset restructuring suspension, this is now the story.

Tencent technology Wang Pan reported May 22nd

Yongle Film was founded in April 2004, headquartered in Hangzhou, is a set of planning, investment, production and distribution of professional photography, film and television organizations as one of the main business for the production and distribution of TV dramas, movies, TV drama production and distribution in the.

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reports, in the cooperation with Huayi Brothers ambiguous, Yongle Film attempts by Shenzhen Zhongchang shipping backdoor listing. However, due to the Yongle aspect out of the price is too high, the two sides did not reach an agreement on the purchase price, the backdoor also failed.

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and Yongle Film is ill fated, after backdoor for the Huayi Brothers, Shenzhen Zhongchang shipping, however, three Kangqiang electronics, backdoor failed.

two fellow sufferers go together, this is the interpretation of the image of the backdoor. Prior to this, the two companies have repeatedly participated in backdoor listing, and finally failed.

Abstract Yongle Film is ill fated, after backdoor for the Huayi Brothers, Shenzhen Zhongchang shipping, however, three Kangqiang electronics, backdoor failed.

Wing Lok has invested and released major TV plays, including the God of war, the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and <

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