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as the first discovery, sharing, interactive community exchange recipes such delicacy delicacy, beans fruit delicacy provides an online platform for delicacy enthusiasts, but also open up the two big puleses community and business. As a typical UGC community, 80% of bean fruit food comes from users. If you think these are just simple recipes, it is wrong – and user upload recipes, will attach a related story, therefore, the delicacy beans fruit recipes with personalized color and full of warmth. Web users engage in conversation about recipes, triggering group resonance.

browse recipes lead to food, kitchen appliances, spices and other items of demand, as with many food web sites, beans to recipes as the core, ignited the user demand momentum, electricity providers came into being.

, while the staff of the bean food staff assume the role of administrator, the collected data based on quality ratings. Not only recommend content to the user, but also do some operational level guidance, recommended to the home page. Then, we will follow the feedback from the community users in real time, and further analyze the user’s preferences and the latest trends in terms of sharing, comment, collection and other actions.

now, "bean fruit food" is launched "recipes + community + e-commerce" business layout, leveraging interactive communities kitchen economics.

so you don’t have to just be equated and click Wangzhuan, surfing, investigation, to let go of thinking to do, e-commerce is undoubtedly has a greater development space Wangzhuan type. And it’s easier to get started and start selling things through Taobao stores. Maybe you say there is no capital to do this, in fact, now there are many agents to join online, you can find a free franchise to do. As for the online shop skills, and so on, we can go to the Internet to see the relevant articles, and more exploration practice, I believe it will soon have effect.

, "basic necessities of life" of these four basic needs of human life, in the mobile Internet era, incarnation of the mobile terminal of a App, embedded in people’s lives. At the end of October, officially launched the 5.3.0 version of beans fruit delicacy, and announced that the App client downloads over 75 million, opened on 2 million. November 18th, soybean fruit gourmet announced a $25 million C round of financing. After the completion of the financing, valuations close to $300 million magnitude.

near Japan station and some earn friends chat, get a lot of inspiration, here and share with you. These friends are also out of line. In has not done before suitable projects also rely mainly on rebate Wangzhuan get some benefits. However, as this site often said, simply by returning Commission, earnings per month tens of dollars on the good. Even in the heyday of PTC, monthly rebate of 200 yuan should be on the ceiling. So only rely on rebates to Wangzhuan income is very limited, only pocket money. It is impossible to solve the problem of life by it.

recently launched bean fruit gourmet App, has recipes and electricity providers to get through, through the push of native advertising, a part of the product can be achieved directly in the "excellent food exchange" electronic business platform to buy. This is demand based initiative to guide the introduction and purchase of goods.

in fact, the "bean fruit food" on the line, it has been officially selected as Apple’s annual application, invisible increase of exposure


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good news is that these members are now no longer alone PTC or surfing, surveys and other projects, they rely mainly on Taobao shop business profits, more stable and more promising than before. The station also feel happy for them, after all, they found more promising and development space wangzhuan. The site also used to write some articles for beginners to make friends, but most of them still explain items like PTC, investigation and so on. To do such projects, for ordinary friends earn, because there is no high flow of Web site, want to quickly get satisfaction income is difficult to do.

movie "scent of a woman", played by Al Pacino Frank in a restaurant with a keen sense of smell to find a strange girl with a British accent, accosted and dance. The delicacy beans fruit is such a tempting stage here, housewives can change Master delicacy, recipeorganizing. Have a chance with love books. The unique business gene has made bean fruit food an interactive community with sustainable profitability.