Now is the best time to do up new Taobao customersLiu Qiangdong said the original dream is politics

through my observation, sh419 Taobao k guest website is generally divided into two categories:

entrepreneurship is a dream and glory of youth.

this is why millionaires and other charges Wangzhuan training class is not the same, not to let you do the project, but to begin learning basic knowledge. It is not because I am free that I am not willing to teach you real things. On the contrary, I am not willing to waste my precious time doing unnecessary work.

As for the

this has to be told by my family. My ancestral home is Hunan. My grandfather and grandfather were born in Hunan, and my grandfather’s generation is still very rich. After that, the state engaged in public-private partnerships, lost family property, and was forced to move to Jiangsu, Suqian, and had to stop to make a living. I was born in a rural area of Jiangsu Lake in Suqian Luoma, because his father would sail on to the shipyard, a worker.


at this time, I recommend the new person to do Taobao customers, but also the same starting point.

is not just Taobao customers, in fact, many areas are like this, a project is good, not in how much money others earned, but in whether you can control the project, become the leader of this industry. So, those who make 500, earn 10000 head of the project can see all need not to see, because the master can do it, but you can’t do that. But don’t lose heart. From the basic skills, when you become the first sword in the world, you can beat any of the rookie with the sword.

promotion skills, have a lot of online tutorials, but remember, those who are open is not a secret, that is not what advantage, so I suggest that students start from the most basic means of orthodox SEO.

I took the Jingdong management trainee to see the sand in the desert. Sand in the desert countless, the most fortunate sand, but also occasionally can float to the surface, enjoy a sunshine, enjoy a spring breeze just.

of course, there’s a lot of sand. Maybe you haven’t seen any sunshine in your life. It’s been buried below.

1. Why didn’t you recommend to be a Taobao customer before? Now, what about

three, what type of Taobao guest site is easily K,


I really enjoy working with young people. Because I have had the same confusion, frustration, and joy of youth, I want to tell you my own experience and experience.

there are only three things in this area: mortar, sorghum and yellow thatch. Mortar is a kind of stone, not stone, soil is not soil, it is difficult to grow crops on the mortar, and the only grain produced is sorghum. And a half man tall, thick and dense thatch. In a word, the living conditions are much worse than those by the lake.

at that time, my father was still sailing, with 12 yuan a month to support our family, and my mother was with me at home. My sister was not born yet. The first time I saw my grandmother, I just learned to walk and fell into Grandma’s arms. Then I began to grow up with my grandmother.

two, why do some people do Taobao customers can earn millions of months, and I can not even earn 100 dollars,



everyone is like a grain of sand in the desert. Jingdong has achieved great success in the past ten years. It is not what I have in particular. I am just a member of China’s millions and millions of ordinary people, but I am just a little luckier.

1, ZhengZhan dynamic link Taobao customers, not the content page. The most simple reason, sh419 spider is unable to crawl Taobao’s internal web site, because Amoy >

over the past ten years, some of the things I’ve done to me, some people do not understand, including many people around you are difficult to understand. They ask me, "why don’t you make yourself comfortable and happy? Why can’t you get along with yourself,

later, because of Luoma Lake to the water, the whole family moved to the town to a nameless village dragon.

then a penny demolition are not true, the migration of poor and blank, then the obscure village households to be given a name: Changan village atmosphere.

‘s grandmother, a total of 5 children, each child she gave birth to a grandson, grandson, our cousin, aunt, brother sister, cousin, a dozen peers. At that time the land is difficult, but also to pay grain tax, and no other income. So the grandmother was poor.

little army: the question of timing. Taobao customers from the emergence of the development to the peak nearly a year, this year, many people earned a big money through Taobao customers, earn 100 thousand monthly, millions of cattle abound. Driven by them, Taobao seemed to be a goldmine, and everyone wanted to come in and try. We search Taobao customers will find a lot of "monthly income of 100 thousand is not a dream" and so on. Also Taobao, Taobao also. Because of the large number of official or quasi webmaster webmaster influx of Taobao customers into a garbage factory, sh419 big and small Taobao shopping guide website dotted, spectacular.


used to take cash transactions illegal, e-commerce do not want to

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nearly 2 months, sh419 finally could not endure, began to Taobao customers hands, a large number of Taobao guest website in sh419 died under the knife. So people criticized and abused sh419, but had to leave the battlefield. In fact, this buy stocks with some similar, when the street selling Tomatoes on sticks aunt went to buy the stock, the stock reached its peak, the thrown away. And what happens when the stock market hits bottom? We can just buy it……