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carved ye made a nail o2o fire, and then there are more than a dozen of the country to do similar nail o2o.

East today to write this article is not the analysis of e bags wash business model value, since a friend asked, it must be like to copy, want to venture investment, not just said to do this business to earn much money. In fact, if want to warn you that entrepreneurs do not follow the idiot risk investment to start hot, most of you will become cannon fodder!

air purifier is hot, and hundreds of traditional, or entrepreneurs, air purifiers all over the country.

group buying hot, and then the United States group, outside the handle, litters, 24 coupons were born more than 6000 group buy. The final winner is the American League, and the rest of the family is basically hanging up or waiting to be hung up.

Bracelet hot, and then all over the country hundreds of Bracelet companies are doing, millet Bracelet up, the rest of the family basically hung up.

statistical bulletin on the development of health and family planning in 2015 shows that although the number of medical institutions accounted for 93.6% of the total, but in 2015 the primary medical and health institutions only accounted for 56.4% of the visits. The three hospital, which accounts for 7% of the total number of hospitals, has absorbed 45% of the country’s medical treatment and 38.9% of the hospital visits. The extreme mismatch between the patient and the doctor’s resources has led directly to the problem of seeing a doctor.

yes, e wash bags have money? If used, service experience is very good, the price is very affordable, to subvert the traditional dry cleaners rhythm. So, similar business models, replication in different cities must be feasible.



there are two idiot, one is not their basic VC idiot, judging ability, what hot cast industry, plainly he did not judge the foresight. One is the entrepreneur idiot, what projects are easy to obtain financing, what kind of project. I don’t really think about whether I’m good at it or if I have enough resources. Of course, it’s even more likely that entrepreneurs are interested in the project. This fully exposes the current entrepreneurs and venture capitalists impetuous and speculative. Everyone wants to be Virginia’s gold digger, one night explosion rich


had a brother reading business entrepreneurs ask: how to see the e bag of money washing




queue two hours, five minutes to see a doctor "," northeast girl at hospital ticket brokers, 300 yuan, price 4500"…… In recent years, the "difficult to see a doctor, expensive" Tucao repeatedly found in social networks. No exaggeration to say that almost every top three hospitals in the country are overcrowded before registration windows.

in mid August this year, the media took the lead in breaking the news, "medical treatment 160" is preparing to lay off 300 people, innovative business line has been withdrawn. Information from the official confirmed that the company plans to "organizational structure and part of the business team to optimize the implementation of elimination system, the need to optimize the personnel of the total number of about 1/3 of the whole company". A mobile medical first unit "known as" doctor 160 "at the end of December last year before landing three new board. Then, in the field of internet medical development has been 5 years of "Xunyiwenyao network" also broke the news of the layoffs, the proportion reached 50% above.

The typical case of

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into the second half of 2015, some even got A round B round of entrepreneurs gradually discovered after staking, after the war, affected by the problem of platform homogeneity, profit model is not clear, the platform development has entered a bottleneck period.

entrepreneurs are less opportunistic, do their own good, maybe now it is not so lively! As long as the project itself to create value for customers, accumulate steadily, one day will be more successful.


"the medical pie didn’t taste good,"

Internet so far, many in the first-line start-up companies experiencing favorable capital to change the contraction front, layoffs, executives leave behind, whether investors or practitioners, the feeling of awe the bleak winter.

? From 2014 the first year of medical

since 2012, the government has introduced medical reform related policies, in 2014 to open the pharmaceutical business platform to sell prescription drugs, Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers began large-scale access to electricity supplier areas. Policy support, capital blitz and "Internet plus" spring breeze, the birth of a large number of patients, doctors and hospitals around the entrepreneurial projects.

entrepreneurs suffered a vicious price war, fast taxi and taxi drops taxi subsidies, hungry and U.S. group net subsidy takeaway market, ending the gods fight, suffer mortal, basically the same entrepreneurs die.

taxi applications hot, and then in addition to fast, drops taxi, there are wasps, shake and so on more than a dozen taxi applications. Fast and drop taxi is the winner, the other family basically hung up.

this is not the first bad news for the internet medical industry. In October 2015, rumors of rain doctor closure were rampant, and his founder Zhang Rui had to hold a media conference to dispel rumours. In July 18th this year, mail from the Lilac Garden confirmed that CTO Feng Dahui had left the job and was taken over by the original technology VP Fan Kai……

campus P2P fire, and then in addition to staging music, fun installments, there are more than a dozen do similar P2P products.