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used to listen to some experts who earn one thousand on a daily basis. I could only make dozens of dollars a day. At that time, the practice is to keep the post to make money, during the period also received some people, that is, ask them to post to earn. Although a bit of that, but… This is indeed feasible. I earn more than 200 by posting. One dollar was 300, when I was doing Witkey star, CPA.

experience and lessons are all money. Thank you very much for listening to me. But nonsense, here it is. Let’s get down to business now. How should we get to the new road? First learn some basic knowledge of network and learn HTML code language. I don’t want you badly. At least look at the understanding. ASP PHP these do not have to learn, after learning the website code, you can basically deal with and understand. Now is the question of space and domain names. The space is cheap now. With hundreds of pieces, you can buy an unlimited station for one year. Like this website I’m using right now. So I also sell space. This is better earned. After you have space and domain names, choose >

second, >

today to idle to write something, this article is written for the couple and did not earn much money is lost in people. If you earn more than 500 a day, you don’t have to look at it.

from micro innovation to big market

the new person, do not know where to start. I do Wangzhuan now to deal with more than 4 months. I am today after the college entrance examination under the guidance of the friend entered the ranks of the people. Why do some people make money from the start? Some people do N for a long time without getting it. The reason is simple. You don’t have the chance. You’re out of luck. And you picked the wrong alliance. New people just started, many people are doing CPS and so on. I’m not. I’m CPA. And never changed careers. It has always been an advertising alliance for CPA.

many people put "innovation" and "disruptive innovation" in opposition, the former is minor, the latter to drums. In fact, all subversive innovation, are from a very small point cut, this point is small, the industry giants simply dismissive. So many subversive innovations have just started micro innovation, and even the subversive who I am not aware of.

then, how do you make subversive innovations?

from the values to the "bile quotient"

secondly, the education we have received from childhood is that we hope to be constantly identified and value other people’s views. We all want to be popular and represent the majority of opinions and voices. But if you do a thing that everyone applauds, is that innovation? Innovators are often lonely, not understood by most people, or even a minority. They are innovators is not innovation, but that they insist on one direction, finally got the chance Every dog has his day. But at the very beginning, there must be no public approval.

if you really want to be an innovator, all questions about business models and user experiences are skills. The true Tao is values. We can not be eager to innovate on the one hand, eager for success, on the other hand, we must maintain a high degree of agreement with the mainstream values of society, fear of failure, and dare not try something that may fail.

first, subversion of user experience. In layman’s terms, that is, the original bad things used to become particularly handy, the original inconvenience or difficult to get services and products become very easy, very convenient, you can get. Sometimes you can make your opponent’s product difficult, and it shows that you are destroying your opponent’s product advantages.

so new people?. The most important thing is to work hard and not to be lazy. However, I have not been in the post for more than a month now. But the income is still there. Although the post is not the main purpose of making money, but this can lay the foundation for your next thing. Wangzhuan Wangzhuan. It’s making money through the internet. No matter what you do, the advertising League, the bidding, or the SEO. I’ve done all this. Which can make money?. Not to be earned. The key is to do it yourself. Here I first despise the new people who do not respect us. What I often encounter is the novice who keeps on sending me questions. No, I don’t tell you. One way to say it is to contribute to the market. That means the market is almost over. Because there are so many people. There’s more to eat. There are less natural things to be divided. There is, the old man’s time is not unlimited. Have their own lives, like our boss said, help you solve some problems not what. But to solve much said is with you. It’s normal for our old people to pay for it.

, first of all, the question of values. Our values are too simplistic, too much for success, and income as a sign of success. And innovation is a relatively "two" thing. Innovation can not pay too much attention to success, to keep on fighting. We all look down upon losers, so many successful entrepreneurs need to be very steady because they are afraid of failure.

third, when it comes to innovation, many people have enough emotional intelligence and intelligence, but they need one thing, that is, their inner strength, the so-called "bile quotient"".

recently, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi talked about innovation in an eastmoney interview, said many people’s emotional intelligence is enough, IQ is not missing, but also need a thing, is a strong heart, the so-called "courage quotient".

, in fact, all subversive innovation, are from a very small point cut, this point is small, the industry giants simply dismissive. So many subversive innovations have just started micro innovation, and even the subversive who I am not aware of.