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in 1995, Zhao Yingguang graduated from the Korean Language Department of Shandong University. He was the first Korean language student after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Korea in 1992. From the beginning of the University, Zhao Yingguang will do some small business. In the summer, when the university dormitory did not have an electric fan, he was from the wholesale market into a group of small fans, a large, a small, 6 yuan, he hired some students in Shandong university entrance to sell, retail prices can be sold to around 15 yuan. Zhao Yingguang joked that this was his distribution model at that time.

Zhao Yingguang wants to start a business,

waits, insists, and finds himself. For more than 10 years, Zhao Yingguang has been doing the same thing until the chance arises.

Anxi coach is the most popular manga master "" dunk in the role, led the humble Hunan basketball team the way into the national competition. The coach is not a popular figure in Anxi Yingmuhuadao humble, but he is easy-going, not easy to worry, not discouraged personality, Dinghaishenzhen is Hunan basketball team. Japanese writer Junichi Watanabe called this ability "insensitive."".

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for the next ten years, Zhao Yingguang has stayed in South Korea, where he has not even moved his posts, repeating the same work day after day. In addition to the South Korean trade orders to China production, that is, to visit the South Korean inspection of Shandong business owners, plays the role of driver, interpreter, tour guide, and that’s all.

, Zhao Yingguang faced two choices — temporary work at Shandong’s largest trading company Shandong international economic and Technical Cooperation Corporation, or the civil service of the Yantai foreign affairs office. He chose the former, though only temporary, with a lower salary level, but the company offered an opportunity to travel to South Korea’s branch, which was not to be missed by Zhao Ying.

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waits, insists, and finds himself. For more than 10 years, Zhao Yingguang has been doing the same thing until the chance arises.

After graduating from

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Zhao Yingguang is not tall, looks like is courtly and gentle, the artificial person, the body fat is dull. After 80 employees privately called "Anxi coach Zhao Yingguang love".

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, 1997, August, Zhao Yingguang and other good news, due to lack of Korean branch, he can go to korea.

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Zhao Yingguang has been doing business with the mother run around here and there. Then a strange combination of circumstances University majoring in Korean, doing small business hawkers in the school, a variety of reselling over small things, he said love game of buyers and sellers; after graduation went to South Korea, have a 3.1 boring life, a stay for ten years.

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, after work, he will bring a MP3, as long as the free time, they will unconsciously put on headphones to listen to. Nobody can imagine, M>