Hua Xia Chinese entrepreneurs why not playing hard dry dryThe seven scheme to make money online

she also based on many years of operating brand and customer experience, draw the brand intentions, do customers, not only hard, but also hard experience and experience.


oral | Enterprise Group Chairman Hua Xia

3, mail class:

2, registration class:

in addition, there are many mail companies also provide registration to make money, but some of them are not open to the Chinese people, should pay attention to. What’s more, some companies require you to stay active for a reward after registration. In addition, this method of making money has a certain standard of english.

she also launched collection made, do Chinese Crafts Museum, the ecological garment industry, to become the linker global ASAT thousands of designers, Chinese best garment factory and thousands of channels.

Xiahua, chairman of enterprise group, dark horse mentor. As a veteran entrepreneur, she is a bit reluctant to include young entrepreneurs in the traditional entrepreneurial industry.

1, surfing:

today, many people will ask, they no matter from the body or from the coverage rate has been great, what it is in the Internet era. I don’t like the word "rotten" very much. Everyone put a label on it. "You’re an Internet enterprise."

mail is to read mail + click, and now there are many companies offering registered money. The way to make money is to receive an email sent by an advertising company every day, from which you can choose a link with the payment prompt, and click on this link to open a new page. Pages are generally required to open at least a certain amount of time, and beyond the time they require, they show information that you have been paid. This kind of ad mail usually has two ways to provide you: one is to send it to your registered mailbox, and the other is to put it in the company’s "in station mailbox"". You can choose either of them or you can do it in two ways. In addition, when registered mail companies fill in "interest" project, you should try to fill in more, so you can receive more mail. Another way is to log into the company’s member area and click on the advertising link to make money. These ads can be clicked every day, paid every day, and unlike email hits, click only once. If you only participate in a mail class site, the benefits are limited. But if you take part in more, you can’t spend a lot of time every week. Therefore, you can register a number of such sites with the same mailbox, and you can receive a large amount of checks for some time. Specific operations can be combined with the click class to make money, >

Internet users are welcome, because it is the normal Internet surfing activities, such as watching the news, read, play games, online advertising sales e-commerce, and network organicly, so that users on the Internet at the same time have the opportunity to earn extra income. The first large scale China Wangzhuan company "News Times" Newsbar belongs to this kind of.

The main way to make money for

earning money is now the most reliable and profitable way to make money. You can get paid only if you have completed your registration task offer, and so on for a period of time usually a week. Usually a registered task between $0.1-$0.3, belongs to the high income of the people. For example, English Wangzhuan company Clixies is a typical professional registered companies to make money, and it offers the offer in your task at that time can get paid! Good company is a rare!

how do I become a traditional entrepreneur,

network to make money after all these years of groundless talk, has been showing a win prosperity. Wangzhuan novice will inevitably feel at a loss. In order to make new friends to have a comprehensive understanding of the Wangzhuan, carried out to understand the current operation of the Wangzhuan company, with reference to the relevant information, the network companies to make money is divided into the following categories: ?

see the "entrepreneurs" dialogue, black enterprise lechong founder Li Yuan and enterprise group chairman Xia Hua.

she has done investment, relying on sensitive judgment cannot succeed to an entrepreneur, dozens of investment projects, the success rate is very high, only one or two did not meet expectations.

finishing | entrepreneur

I think our group is the last person to live up to. We are not easy, we all have some talent, and we can’t enjoy it every day.

she’s a very good reason: they now have 2 million customers, founded 22 years mainly rely on community communication, community is playing China Xiahua play the best one of the entrepreneurs, but she is not Mulan sinks one of the sponsors, or China entrepreneurs active member of the club, she is also very active in the black community.

every time I speak at the conference, I was originally called the representative of the clothing industry, and later as a representative of the modern service industry, a representative of the fashion culture industry…… That means change. I’ve been playing the craziest part of the crossover for so many years. I’ve never followed the rules of a pure clothing business. I am not a fashion background, is to learn law, law, is not the clothing of the people’s thinking, has been cross-border thinking.

may all of today’s young entrepreneurs feel that their students in an era of change, change is a. But in fact, these 22 years, they almost no one year without facing change. I went into the sea in 1994, and then there were 92 entrepreneurs. Without the sense of change, I wouldn’t have the power to quit the position of a China University of Political Science and Law teacher who felt good enough to start my own business as a shop assistant. The biggest change in life is the subversion of self, and dare to tear off the label that others envy, and then affix new labels.

This kind of a popular