A twenty three year snack Kingdom battle once seen as a demon stock also faced deathChen Yaning on

according to the staff of Baoan District Bureau of human resources, not only for the employment needs of the masses to do practical things for public employment service platform, has solved problems, but also help the government decision-making departments of labor situation, real-time information on the real-time status of labor demand structure, students graduates and unemployed residents household employment trends, provide the reliable data support for the employment service and helping the work of the government. At the same time, through the platform, also can timely release the intermediary illegal operations, the exposure of illegal black duty >

Shanghai laiyifen duck day crossbow food is food supplier, has been working for more than ten years, the general manager Jiang Ruhao of senior "chowhound" Yu Ruifen deep impression, in his impression, Yu can constantly try to eat a lot of things, but the taste particularly accurate. "The average man, the better."


A "laiyifen" featured

Yu Ruifen’s office, the district office room spacious and clean, and not too much decoration, outside the reception area is very special, in addition to the sofa and coffee table, there is a similar bar corner, above filled with snacks, dazzling.

leisure snacks variety, light laiyifen company, currently including total meat, roasted seeds and nuts, candied fruit and other nine categories, more than 900 kinds of products.

"as food practitioners, really want to make a brand is not easy, so I hope the outside world can be more rational attitude towards food enterprises, because even a little misunderstanding, the brand will be great." Laiyifen and Yu Ruifen, had experienced such a test, as if.

new battlefield,

said this, the laiyifen Nvzhang people smile slowly blooming, this is her rare relaxing moments in the interview. Most of the time, Yu Ruifen’s words were cautious, with less facial expression, and there was not much emotion in his voice. In the interview has not officially started, Yu Ruifen received a phone call, is a 8 years of cooperation supplier, she rebuffed the other side of the invitation to dinner.

laiyifen listing bell that day, a cow was led to the Shanghai Stock Exchange building, with a big red bull, who carried two large baskets, basket body with a red post, laiyifen said: 603777.

at the end of last year, the Baoan Bureau of human resources and development of the Baoan public employment service platform, to facilitate the masses through the intelligent terminals such as mobile phone to enjoy free employment promotion services whenever and wherever possible, the employment service moved to the mobile phone screen.

Baoan District public entrepreneurship service platform project planner Chen Yaning

that day is October 12, 2016, the day after the stock market ushered in a wave of small climax, there is speculation is not a Dallas City is coming, people caught up in the 2015 "crash" stock accident release, and that "the cattle market" laiyifen, the stock quickly broke through the 11.67 issue prices rose, until in December soared to 85 yuan / share.

Shenzhen Baoan District city public employment service platform line ceremony, Shenzhen City, Xingda human resources company limited, Chen Yaning as the Baoan District public service platform of pioneering project planning, at the ceremony on the construction of public employment service platform of network makes a detailed presentation.

Internet era, to look down on the mobile phone has become a basic channel for people to absorb information, according to statistics, most people look down on the frequency of mobile phones can reach 10 seconds. How to combine the public service of the government with the living habits of the masses has become a new topic at present.

after the first public employment service platform for mobile network in Shenzhen City, Shenzhen City, Baoan District public employment service platform to the region more than 4.2 enterprises to open free mobile and online recruitment services, which focus on the service enterprise more than 600 district implements customized recruitment service platform; the service object into employment about 4400000 people, guide 150 thousand job seekers through the service platform of success on the job; 120 entrepreneurial projects, provide 50 and operating type experts to guide business information and provide entrepreneurship training video courseware and innovation policy information, a large number of provides business counseling services for the region more than 2000 college students and college students and to creating permanent youth recommendation……

rigorous restraint – Yu Ruifen gave this feeling, I do not know the nature of the dictates, or more than 20 years of food industry experience laid the character imprint?


"you see we quite understand the Internet," Yu Ruifen said, "this also proves that we do research on consumers, of course the consumer refers to investors, before they depressed mood is very heavy, they look forward to the bull market."

platform through the computer website, mobile phone APP, WeChat public number and on-site recruitment will be integrated into the community, providing public network mobile employment services, recruitment and job information integration. Users sweep using a mobile phone, you can download to mobile network terminal public employment service platform, then take the mobile phone a shake, with the mobile phone positioning system, users can be found in the vicinity of the work, and can navigate to the enterprise interview. So far, the platform registered job seekers reached more than 250 thousand people, and to the region more than 3000 registered unemployed and more than 1000 students from the more than 50 thousand recommended continuous job information, there have been 150 thousand job seekers through the service platform of success on the job.

"this is a very hard matter, retail chain is not by burning money, but the need for long-term accumulation, three, five or even eight years, ten years – to be willing to spend so long time to run in. If you are a little impetuous, you can’t do it without being practical."