Do long tail optimization how to choose long tail keywords to bring flow

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features of long tail keywords is relatively long, often consisting of 2-3 words or phrases. Long tail words are generally more accurate, the competition is relatively weak, so there are basically 1 articles to do a long tail word, large portal of Shanghai dragon will planners in the optimization project for the site layout of a large number of long tail keywords.

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I am in the process of optimized website, felt the importance of long tail keywords construction and optimization. It is recommended that you make friends can concentrate more on the long tail word mining and optimization above, not obsessed on the home page, once you do, there will be unexpected results, thank you for reading, I hope to help you, please continue to pay attention to the script, we will strive to share more excellent articles.


are: long tail keywords can be extended, targeted, wide range. For example, Shanghai dragon of the word, to see that this is a popular word, directly on the home page are a bit difficult. If it is Shanghai dragon skills? Is not to reduce the difficulty? It can be done with the column page. If Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge Daquan, Shanghai dragon how quick start word? Is it can be placed in the page do? This is the long tail word. You can according to their own needs, by extending the word around Shanghai Longfeng, then the corresponding deployment, can achieve good results.

what is the long tail word, the so-called long tail keywords refers to the search volume is small and unstable but can bring traffic to the site of words. To some extent, as long as a word may be found, it can be called the long tail word. This may be more general, the author will make a detailed analysis of the long term, to help you better understand the meaning of the long tail word for the website.

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The basic properties of long tail keywords


why do long tail optimization? This is because of the limited number of keywords to your home page, you do first to bring traffic will be limited, so is the column page, but the difficulty is relatively large. And the long tail word makes the site get traffic capacity becomes unlimited. And the long tail word competition is low, it is easy to optimize up, a large number of long tail word brings flow can promote the optimization of the home key. You can make a vivid metaphor: the main home key is to optimize the site, while the main long tail word is optimized to a point.


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