Google Adwords AP how to extend the function of Excel




gadget Shanghai dragon Excel plug-in is Excel only 20032007 and 2010 in 32 and 64. If you intend to use a large array of doing research, you need a powerful computer, for example, need a more memory, faster machines.


2, Excel 2003. It also requires NET 2. However, the lack of a very useful helper "array" function, such as automatically adjust the size of the array and returns a table capable of operating in a multi-threaded mode to adapt.

data capture! The

1, Excel 2007/2010 (in NET 2 run time)

The introduction of Don’t forget to enable macros

3, Excel 2010 64. This need is a 64 bit operating system, when installing Excel, the default is to install a 32 bit version, 64 version to run in NET 4.


function can realize accurate wide phrase matching is realized according to the country code automatic generation; local search; search data and user query generation according to the relevant 1000 related services.

, a prerequisite to realize the function

3) click "install API add button in figure

gadget Adwords API Shanghai Longfeng extended Microsoft Excel, easily capture a large number of search query data to the Excel, how to achieve this function, directly with your noble baby AdWords API, this can save a lot of time to collect data and analyze data.

gadget Shanghai dragon AdwordsExcel plugin created a series to get the data from Google Adwords API. Once you install the plug-in, for you to get the number.



2) add your API document, and click "update certificate"

4) restart Excel, and began to search your

installation steps1)

download the zip file, extract the "Shanghai dragon gadget" folder and open the setup.xls- enable macros, and step by step instructions to follow these instructions when you open the installation file, you will see the contents as shown in the figure.