How do put the strategy game to love Shanghai Sogou first

, how I do love Shanghai Sogou first? First of all you have to remember this, Shanghai dragon is good user testing, to make the user experience I will only use this measure:

all the Internet all good friends, self in a technology company in Zhuhai after a few and we met, time flies, time flies, a year passed quickly, do not know through a variety of love Shanghai new algorithm test is the webmaster or not? Today I bring you a experience of Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience, and the way we exchange in 2014 Shanghai Shanghai dragon to do love.

strategy web game love Shanghai index


" strategy game "value

do Shanghai dragon second strokes is the content of construction. The content of construction is very important, but for some sites are not the most important, for example, I do strategy web game (6hwan). This station belongs to the game website, game website is not so much to lay, what is it to retain users to attract users? The answer is the game, through the website within the game attracted all the new and old customers, so as to make the site, has become a valuable website.

the reason is very simple, because the company is a product, belong to this type of game, this word is the most appropriate, although it is the love of Shanghai index is not particularly high, but it is indeed very fierce competition, remember to bid 5 yuan to have the opportunity to show (March 2014), from here you can see the word of the commercial value is relatively high, I believe many of my friends have encountered the same problem, but the reason because of its ranking you have to do.


why do the word "strategy" game "

The key to

is a third chain laying. This is a method of soil can’t soil, but I think it is, so the soil method is always effective, but it is not the place where many friends. Why do you say that, because I found a lot of friends, is to send the chain to send the chain, never consider the sincerity of > correlation and click on the link to the user.


how do love Shanghai, Sogou first


is the first move, station optimization. To enhance web access speed, including code optimization, page compression. Code optimization, write the title, description, adding H1 tag optimization image tag alt, and use nofollows correctly, Shanghai dragon title, keywords, perfect the website article directory page description. The last one is the construction of the station site within the chain construction, attention should be paid to the construction of the chain according to the correlation to do.