How do the crooked Shanghai dragon promotion

and QQ group is the same reason, the first large and crooked crooked group, each group can accommodate ten thousand people at the same time, more powerful than the QQ group, it is best to choose the more active group, otherwise, although people can not active, the effect will be just passable. But you can choose according to their own wishes, I just suggest.

I believe everyone to YY must not strange, in ordinary life, I also often use YY, is basic in the game on the crooked, but sometimes boring when they go on listening to the music began to play, I did not care about crooked, then slowly I found a good platform for the YY tools but also the promotion of. So, today I will share my views.

self-organized entertainment channel, scale is very large, there are tens of thousands, they have professional presenters, have fixed time every night, a bit like the feeling of broadcasting. So in these channels can be active, the effect depends on the ability of individuals.

first we to say what is crooked, many of you will know about it. YY is a voice group chat tool, mainly for a speech team game player, it is not only free and stable and clear, has been favored by many game player. You can call a good instant. Divided into many kinds of channels have different purposes.

can apply for multiple large quantities of YY account, hanging, when what such training activities, this channel will have hundreds of people online, then these numbers are hanging themselves, of course are to be the same name, will definitely attract attention, so as to achieve the promotion effect. Although it is not very direct traffic but will be very deep in their impression.

create a crooked channel, to develop their own forces, we all have our QQ friends ah, micro-blog friends, including her acquaintances can pull in together, not only can increase the friendly feelings. Compared with the boring text, sounds much better. But this is easier said than done, need to spend a lot of time and energy, but what one can be.

the use of voice promotion. This promotion effect should reflect the best, why, because this need you in the YY speak above, some people are very good at this, it’s hard to get a chance to speak, when it comes to half began to promote, this should have more efficiency than the message, if you say you are girls then, the effect will be better.

In fact, there are many crooked

uses a pair of a form of communication. There are three ways, one is to enter the group of people inside the dense crooked single, also is constantly adding crooked friends, there is a channel into a crooked, and the people can private chat online. Because the crooked stability is relatively strong, even if you send you many people do not have to worry about out of network problems, can be endless hair. But we should also pay attention to people who have the heart’s too much easy to cause resentment, so we should not overdo sth., to avoid wasted effort.