Enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

6) to write a concise report on optimization, Shanghai Longfeng planning, and Shanghai dragon plan about this, actually this is for a study of their own, look at the stages of what needs to be in place.

Enterprise Station of Shanghai dragon has a lot to analysis, when a website to get the first hand.

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4) observation to the optimization of the website keyword competition, this is a must see, a keyword directory should take into account the keyword has much competition, and this is a keyword how valuable, there are some key space pan, is very easy to cause the traffic situation, no conversion rate this is, we need to observe the (select keywords, and understand the long tail keywords will be every Shanghai dragon Er will learn the knowledge, whether using tools or with love Shanghai or search, there must be a complete list, according to the word and in turn, long tail keywords will be ready) the best source of your flow.

3) details, such as whether the breadcrumb navigation well, such as picture, in the case of URL, the theme of the situation.

5) the optimization of key competitors and simple analysis, each a website needs to have such a report to the website competition opponent, where we can learn, what we need to strengthen, are to be inspected.


recently in the company, basically every week there is a new web site optimization take in, well, no Shanghai dragon er said, I can use this word to shoot up, we can do is some basic knowledge to optimize Shanghai dragon, then se a good impression, now is have ranked in the noble baby, but on the Baidu will be flattered, the two concepts are different, here is a summary, see how to access each website, how to understand from this station, and do some modifications to the program. Simply say something recently saw the website, what we need to pay attention to the local

2) content, see a website, need to see, website content page is a separate small box, if it is, then please modify the program, try to do so, between the box and the box is colluding together, a large ring formation between a large ring formation then the column, and then directly from the home jurisdiction.

1) Links plate, every website needs a plate, remember a website received no Links plate, let the program to modify, if there is no way to end it, only through the FTP into the index in the foot section to add links to the situation, Links is mutual friendship the witness, but also the maintenance of a website quality key, if the website is not just received Links part, then as soon as possible.