English website how effective the chain



correlation is the most important one to do the wedding website to do a painting of the foreign trade website the chain effect that is really small, link to the website of your authority is also very important, leading a Wong Vera wedding industry to you do outside the chain, and a Suzhou imitation brand wedding mall B2C give you the chain gap is huge. The website of the authority level by the number of high authority website to make him see one-way links.

we look at what kind of ranking noble chain impact:

Website Trust

babyThe correlation between

what do you think of the chain under the help of your website? This is just the large website 1/5 home chain, industry and foreign trade did not have any relationship.

websiteThe authority of the

look, I Aliexpress is zoned out, is also here in his Alibaba to buy the chain? Think carefully, think hard for you, do these people outside the chain of sale very clever, clever that I began to admire.


although this day has gone, but this does not prevent the chain and sell the so-called "golden chain" of the company made a fortune, caught a psychological factors we value the PR value of the site, wantonly trafficking these meaningless links, buy from their high price a lot of Shanghai Longfeng class forum advertising can be seen that is really a lot of people fooled.

how to correct.

, a gold chain website

we all know that the main factors affecting a website PR value is by the number of Web sites link to our website, the weight of the site will send a value to our website, so our website PR value will have a slight increase, in the very early very early, if there is a PR value is 8 of the website gives you a one-way chain, then you can have a website at least PR6, but this Good old days has gone for ever.

Good old days

denied the wrong way outside the chain of the first reason is that the PR value of the site does not mean the website rankings, the PR value high only that give you the link to the website PR value are good, but is not to say that the PR value high, your keywords ranking can go up, this is a big mistake!

English website link strategy basically is a thing of each foreign trade website needs to be considered in the optimization and promotion process, also do not know what were the first to spread rumors, causing most of the foreign trade English site in the process of the chain are wrong, and is a very low-level error.