On the search engine the construction site to appear vividly in

: optimization of content relevance

The Correlation of

two: optimization of the key word

control is not good web content, even if the search engine included daily, but the result may be "no weight ranking", which means some webmasters often mentioned "why my site included every day, but why not flow not ranked? Is it by artificial intervention?" don’t ranking due to manual intervention to listen to the wind is the wind that a station is not likely to face this situation. There is no weight ranking is only the content of the website optimization is not in place, the search engine development direction is not thorough understanding of the site caused by. If is the direction of development of a new word to hold the site from the beginning of the construction of the original is good, it is good, but also what is not going to talk about what to do affect the direction of the site, the site is updated as the main development direction. The old station then to a binary suggestion here, the site now half-dead state then to optimize the content of a centralized sort of website content, content classification. If the useless content too much it should be removed from the site list out, but the space to exist the corresponding file, so that the search engines don’t think you deleted the content caused a lot of mistakes 404. After a period of time, the relevant degree of natural page has been strengthened.

keyword tags don’t stack everyone familiar with the truth, this is not too much to describe. But how to get the search engine keyword density and weight value? This is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er mentioned "text", the key words into the content page of hyperlinks and description, in order to improve the optimization of the site within the chain structure, improve the site key word weight. In addition either inside or outside the chain chain to do keyword or the long tail word plus description, although seemingly simple but always.

in this era of "Shanghai dragon optimization" has become the owners believe that magic word, master of Shanghai Dragon technology is to grasp the lifeline of survival. But I want to say here, Shanghai dragon is not so magical, it can do is just the auxiliary effect of icing on the cake, so everyone is expected to be a correct view of Shanghai dragon. But it is also a "flower", to win the favor of search engine. How to win the favor of search engine to get this flower, the author discusses the following:

on the platform of the Internet some people in order to business survival, some people is the corporate brand. But the venture was about to break out, playing the brand will really play out, a lot of construction site a year for two years and maintain the "half-dead" state. In the face of such a no website how to handle it? It’s Thursday, the day was a few stationmaster called "black Thursday", so black? The so-called black is only for those who work is not in place the website. Kung Fu do, even new sites can also win a favorable position on the old station ran.