n 2011 summed up the chain construction site encountered unfavorable factors

BBS signature is the website links, the webmaster love to high weight forum, reply the top posts by the way of topic posts or every day, never do BBS signature of the chain, the effect is quite good. But with the search engine adjustment, the chain effect of forum signature declining.

search engine to adjust the weight of blog, use blog to do the long tail word ranking, it is very difficult to get good rankings.

A form of

, a domestic portal free blog outside the chain of quality overall decline of


blog with Shanghai dragon behavior became more and more obvious, the blog operations team also made relevant restrictions. For example: 163 of the anchor text blog forced to add a Nofollow attribute. The Nofollow attribute can tell the search engine of this link is not a vote of confidence, do not follow this link, the search engine will reduce or completely cancel the link to the voting weights.

A, the blog weight decreased by

three, YAHOO.

C, with the anchor text of the article is difficult to include

believes the link on the Sina blog friends have such experience, whether or not the original post, now with the anchor text of the article, the basic state of love Shanghai not included.

free blog is not their own things, depend on others, slightly not smooth operation, the blog will be blocked. Many Shanghai dragon Er miserable, long time culture blog, accumulated a certain weight, suddenly shut down. With the Shanghai dragon behavior blow, the blog was created greatly increased risk.

two, BBS signature chain reduced


D, the blog was created to increase the risk of

web site to get good rankings, in addition to the station optimization, user experience, the construction of the external links is crucial. The chain is one of the standard search engine to determine the weights of the website, powerful outside chain is conducive to enhancing the web site collected, rankings. The chain is king, the chain for the emperor, that is the truth. The chain is in addition to content, where we most need to adhere to. Many webmaster all day trying to go looking for the high quality of the chain resources, feel the chain has become more and more difficult. Today I will talk about the chain construction site in 2011 encountered unfavorable factors.

portal blog from the moment of birth, it has inherent unique advantages in Shanghai dragon. Is it "by your mother son", by virtue of the advantages of free blog portal station, get the special care of the search engine, mainly included fast, high weight in this paper. They naturally became a part of the site optimization personnel outside the chain of resources. However, with the increase of blog spam, obvious Shanghai dragon, now portal blog weight is mainly in the following aspects.

B, the hyperlinks to add the Nofollow attribute