Wrong love Shanghai new method on how to build the chain and the chain construction

love Shanghai "green" algorithm on-line after many websites have tasted the bitter fruit: collected by K, the web site is down right, ranking drop… Etc., all this may be because in the process of construction site by the construction of the chain method is not reasonable, after the introduction of the new algorithm in the grassroots webmaster has been lost in seeking solutions, especially for the construction of the chain this piece of how to carry out. This is not a particularly complex problem, but it is not simple, here is some of my experience to try to analyze how to carry out the construction of the chain work under the current.

station, many Shanghai dragon ER in the construction and development of research stations, leading to the station in the hands of the world I have, I have also put the battlefield with a rash and too much in haste, suddenly one day wakes up all the K website was found the original love Shanghai and updated station > algorithm.

Since refused to cast aside the previous bad habits

2: automatic posting machine

? stationsThe group in recent years was very prosperous

3: black chain

there is no doubt that the black strip black industry, whether it is from moral or even legal from technology it is not in line with the development trend of the existence of this, needless to say, if you buy a large number of allegedly "cheap, stable and high quality of the chain, then congratulations, you may suffer unexpected consequences.

algorithm is the first to suffer Scindapsus link factory, part of the site by the self height weight high PR, "Links" into "commercial links", and according to different site PR price too high, it is true that in the chain business appeared for a long time, through the purchase of a large number of links can to achieve a significant effect, and the link in the new algorithm, hit factory almost will suffer is The whole army was wiped out., buy links, according to the analysis, with large external anchor text links and link objects may have links to factory site, can be said to be no escape, basically belong to the scope of "fire".

in the past every webmaster focused on the exchange environment, and ultimately several advertising: the chain sale, automatic posting machine, webshell hung black chain, and a large number of owners in the use of these behaviors, these kinds of behavior in the author’s opinion is absolutely belong to the present was severely hit, but not long to belong to the quick method.

: a quick

1: the chain business

present many automatic posting machine business is like a raging fire, why? Because it can publish to multiple sites, a variety of program type website, seemingly the chain construction is very broad and diverse, but as everyone knows the reason, by the number of automatic posting machine construction many outside the chain has several weakness: Text content is highly consistent text content, poor readability, the chain can be removed easily leading to the existence of the chain quantity fluctuation and so on, how can think of so many problems not to be hit