This article will compare for the products maybe your audience will be more

article with pictures, as far as possible with the author’s own operation example, after all various form of information expression will give the reader more patience to watch it.

but I think many webmaster content is also a lingering shadow, because there are a lot of friends are purely technical background, you want to make him a string of code, no problem, ten minutes to fix, but you have to let him give you to write an article or summarize his experience, but also a difficult than ever, hold out a word. What’s more, a technical or practical experience as you people casually write articles, can be published on the Gao Quanzhong website, and you’re a hardcore technical personnel and even the audit threshold can, in which it can not be justified. But we thought not after complaining, why can’t I write a article, while others can easily write

the above four points is generally the main idea of the forum of stationmaster of writing skills in this share, look really reasonable, but the actual operation effect how? I think it is not very ideal, or else there will be so many webmaster anxiety, the spray slobber? In fact, the writing is sometimes not certain what is the first paragraph, echo what the books say, second what to write articles like a product, and the reader is our customers, imagine how to sell their products to users, and the transaction is the real key to enhance the transmission capacity, in which I share with you the four aspects of the idea.

?There are many

title to the color, the editor will review every day quite a number of articles, the content of homogeneity is very serious, if you can not be the title of a strong summary of the whole article, so your article is a failure, but I do not agree with the title of the party, this let readers have a great head writing way the article would look more empty.

is a website or blog, I think in addition to cannot do without stationmaster excellent marketing ability, writing ability is the webmaster should have the quality, because the technology is relatively hot nowadays like blog, which one is not relying on the rich content resources and build up the family fortunes, and in the website platform to show, text the information conveyed by the compared to the video and pictures will be more content, to highlight the entire site background, so the content is ultimately an indispensable step in our website.

in various webmaster forums to teach you to write posts, I generally read the feeling of those friends said yes, although there are many webmaster spray them, but from my point of view, they share the strategy is really worth learning, I generally summed up as follows:


content should be reasonable segmentation, point to novel. This is the key of an article can be approved.

article should have certain self comment, which is an important measure to distinguish from other articles, one containing his thoughts this article will certainly be more accepted by others.