The reason and case analysis of the website snapshot does not update the inside pages included reduc



to write this article mainly a problem for the author’s hand, the station appears not updated snapshot, and the inside pages of words, the home also has been reduced, the author is very depressed, how could this be? We studied and found some problems, this topic mainly aims at the author of the station network analysis to join Chinese brand, have a better opinion can exchange.

website drop right? The possible reason right down:

1. website. The site is best not to change, but really need revision to slowly change, not a one-time change too serious.


site right down main reason

2.11 on Sept. 19, website site before a massive facelift, like a shell, in addition to home can see, other pages are very bad, the website needs revision, although know the impact of the revision, but for long-term development, or the revision is wonderful, reasons may lead to right down.

home page snapshot not update

transform IP 1. website frequently, the station before the space has not been stable, decided to replace the space, but in the replacement of space when the accident occurred midway, changed several space, IP is in frequent replacement, may lead to drop right.

3. website content on acquisition, may also be the reason.

station snapshot in December 10th, just stop updating, before is updated daily snapshot, snapshot found 3 days not update, just curious, went to the station found problems, found Links problems, before the call about 20 Links, found 2 station the snapshot has not updated, I deleted the 2 update station, the second day snapshot immediately updated, can see. So when we exchange Links, the best day to see Links situation, see have deleted links to this site or Links snapshot problems, Links problems, will be a drag on the station, seemingly trivial, but also the actual event.

2. replace the domain name, the old domain using weight > 301

pages included in reducing

image can be seen, the station when the index in November 24th is less, and the site is reduced at this time, the website before this index and the site data is not far away, but in the beginning of November 24th, found that the 2 ratio of the distance to large, according to the Shanghai love that website right to be reduced, if the index data and site results in the differences of the number of new sites is generally. If the station is a long time, that is the site is down right".


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