The reason of low volume collection of Shopex products and solutions page

in the clear reason, we need to take corresponding measures, the following methods to share with friends:

2, rebuild the site sitemap and submit, because today love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has open registration, but sitemap platform still needs an open invitation to Shanghai, we can love Webmaster Platform administrator for the verification code, to submit a new sitemap.

shopex recently made an independent store: Ni food snacks, since the completion of the line since the site included the situation is not optimistic, since one month, included only more than 30 pages of love Shanghai, after repeated observation, the website news page is love Shanghai seconds, and the product page has not depressed to be included, as is known to all, customers products from the flow of the page is very important, but our website product has not been included in the Internet are checked a lot of information, but there is no clear answer, after the recent thinking that use the shopex assistant into Taobao products shop mall leads to product content page love is included in Shanghai.


1, on the mall product optimization, from product title, specifications, product details and other aspects of the full range of products in order to make changes to the original content, effect.

3, continued on the site of original update, it will attract spider crawling frequent love Shanghai website, in order to increase the number of product pages on the crawling spider changes, speed up speed included.

because we have the Taobao store, so in the construction of the mall to pay special attention to the use of shopex assistant, Taobao products into the mall in a shop, saved us a lot of time.

4, increase the construction of external links. By seeking high quality Links and information dissemination way, increase the site outside the chain, will also increase the number of web spider crawling love Shanghai, speed up the collection.

but we ignore a problem, that is the Taobao customer. Friends should know Taobao is a typical passenger, according to clinch a deal the Taobao shop promotion way of our Taobao store in the beginning of the establishment of the opening of the Taobao off promotion, so Taobao store products are a large number of guest website, also love Shanghai large included, this creates a lot of topics. So we store in the use of shopex assistant upload products, and a large number of repeat guest website content included the love before Shanghai, love Shanghai for our products are not interested in the ShangCheng Railway Station, it will greatly reduce the collection rate.

‘s food snacks through the above adjustments, collected from more than 30 pages up to 58 pages, has increased, the current site still being in the adjustment and recovery, I will continue to watch, to share their thoughts, these views are not correct, welcome friends >