Webmaster will do two the six factors influence keywords ranking


two, keyword, although now see keywords love Shanghai is not very heavy, but he suggested he must be retained, useful. Write keyword is for this page, do not appear this page does not appear the words, do not grab keywords to the front page or other pages.

four, website layout: This is very important, the site layout, the equivalent of the chain to do good. The layout of the site from the customer’s point of view to the layout, so that customers can get good experience, don’t let the customer inside click several times, can not find myself looking for something. To fully grasp the links between pages and pages, remember: the higher the correlation, the higher the weight gain.

three, Description: description, namely page summary of content, not to describe title, can put into good fusion title. Describe what love Shanghai look is not very heavy, but the description can play a role to attract customers, the same thing, perhaps is because of your description of good writing, you may get the customer’s approval. If your grasp of the description is not very high, that page do not have to write descriptions, let search engine grab yourself, and write your own home directory page.

as a webmaster, we pay attention to every day with the keywords ranking, and the factors affecting the site keywords ranking more than 200, how can I do? Let keyword rankings? Today I share influence keywords ranking "six elements with all six elements, is also a webmaster must do:

, TITLE: the title of the page, the title of the page length is not recommended more than 25 Chinese characters (50 characters), title word weight more before the higher, if you want to focus more on the better optimization of the key words. Title best written a word, let him have the readability, it is very helpful for optimization. Although this is the case, but don’t forget your purpose is to do the optimization of the long tail keywords, do not blindly pursue the readability, while ignoring the essence. Don’t appear the accumulation of keywords, if there is accumulation, is likely to be search engine that you are cheating. When writing title should make full use of word segmentation principle love Shanghai, let more keywords ranking. The segmentation principle is not carried out, to Study hard under the proposal. Title should have its own characteristics, such as with the name of the web site behind the website or reduce your web page and others site similarity. Look at the following web site title:


five, website structure: there is at site level. Such as: www.a.html/b/c/d/e/f/g/h.html, this is a few layers? A lot of people will say 7 or 8 layers, this is actually wrong. If the page on the home page has a link, then he is the two layer architecture; if you need one click access to another page, and then click the link above to reach.