What UC launched mobile search can be saved by yourself

, now PC end the search is still love Shanghai alone big, basically does not have the company to go beyond, but in the mobile search on the horse, did not form a clear pattern. But in mobile search will be mostly desktop search directly over that now mobile search is still a new product. What launched mobile search itself in this environment can attract people’s attention first, and the first to seize the market.

, UC compared to love Shanghai, 360, Sogou only a "small displacement" enterprises, early will own search public products in the world, will be special care. Today there is news that God immediately search products under love Haimen encounter can not open the case, sometimes remind what is "trust", I think that what must have been thinking, we all know that love Shanghai to search sensitive, any slightly the ability of the company to launch the search products, love Shanghai will take the containment of certain reason, in this case, what still choose high-profile on-line, later must have their own reasons.

The first

one thing recently in the search industry in the most lively than what UC launched mobile search, double support products are deposited 4 years in Ali and UC go to the fore, let a lot of attention to the search company both surprised and feel reasonable. As everyone knows, UC started because of its own browser, UC browser market share after the QQ browser, which will undoubtedly make what launched a bit more confident, since the flow of the browser so the moat, afraid of what, and Ali would have to search long before a peep, and YAHOO search have also integrated jioubu to what, so this time the launch of mobile search products, either Ali or UC itself are considered for a long time.

third points, in fact what search is based on UC mobile phone browser extension development based on UC and Ali PC browser is only the strategy strategy of deformation, but we want to understand from the mobile phone browser to the PC browser is the expansion of the product line, but in the mobile phone browser to mobile search is just a business chain the extension of this time, what means what line operators have full trust for the user, can help them smoothly through the Tencent and love Shanghai double volley.

Some friends may ask

second, based on UC browser absolute advantage in the market of mobile phone browser and accumulated 4 years of basic technology, what the line a somewhat more inevitable, after all, UC browser can bring a large number of users to use what early, which laid the sufficient conditions to open the market for new products, product line through the channel advantage the release and extension of the two digit field attack quickly occupy the market share, it is not impossible.

is nothing more than fourth points, the role of ali. We all know that Ali has always wanted to do a search, but not for the money, but would like to have a self flow.