Through the love of Shanghai itself to explore the depth of the long tail keywords tool

search know love

love Shanghai know is the best platform for individual user interaction, when analyzing a keyword, usually love from Shanghai know love because love start, Shanghai knows the problem more keywords to correlation is very large, or the user needs to search, or do some related industry know, we can get a lot of we related the long tail keywords from


love Shanghai promotion assistant is a tool for keyword recommendation, do the bidding promotion friends, this is a very good resource, through which we can more accurately find us related long tail keywords.

we found that the input of some of the time will see some recommended search words in the drop-down box in Shanghai love the search box, users reflect the popular search words basically (of course there are counterparts to brush up, we slightly observation can be found, here is not introduced), we can use these related search to analyze some of our useful long tail keywords

1, Shanghai

when we do the word we wish to understand first love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia, through the outline we can find some long tail keywords, open classification and also love Shanghai encyclopedia entries is worthy of reference in terms of us.

love Shanghai search is a very good way of mining the long tail keywords, we can not stop mining long tail keywords, we through this example: we find in a B, and then through the B search related to C, and then continue to search the C to find the D, so a direct cycle to basically to find the duplicate before now, so we can find a lot of related long tail keywords


5, love Shanghai promotion assistant

love >

, Shanghai’s 6 love bridge

2, the Shanghai Encyclopedia

did Shanghai Longfeng people know, now some popular keywords on the network has been doing bad, if there is no ability to choose popular keywords as the main keywords, so efforts to make great, and can not get good rankings. Children because of the long tail keywords search users is limited, so the traffic is very limited, but add up to a lot of long tail keywords flow is a very large number, thus the total number of the Many a little make a mickle., is amazing, and most importantly, the general search these long tail keywords are all users demand. And clear the target user, so mining the long tail keywords is an important piece of work is necessary to do, so how can we dig these massive long tail keywords? So today is to share the love of Shanghai through the existing tools to excavate the long tail keywords.


3, Shanghai love search box