The classic Chinese medicine smell and teach you how to choose the high quality virtual host


3, your space is how many M

4. Finally, a look at the vendor’s website, there is no technology, no sales, no consultation, these are all things that you should consider.

doctor Bian Que first is looking at what? Look better, we don’t talk about Bian Que to see a doctor, let’s talk about the virtual hosting dealer website, I believe you will identify the sites of streamlining, generally if the agents of the site to meet the following points even meet the word Outlook:


3, QQ observation of vendors, under normal circumstances, the seller qualification old enough QQ level at least two of the sun, two suns are not too backward, not directly consider.

it should be better understood, it is not for you to smell vendors body taste, you just want to smell don’t smell, it should be through your resources to understand the credibility of vendors, now the Internet is developed, the name of your vendors on the Google search, fell in love with the sea up, if not bad too many messages that the sellers can get bad news, if more than 5, I suggest a choice to give up, this is a responsible for their own, even competitors are not so boring, bad news more than 5 is not a waste of time?

? ? ?How much is your space, 2 year

webmaster choose a high-quality virtual host for the development of the website can reduce a lot of obstacles in the domestic many owners choose the virtual host will encounter many problems, or is the price too high, or low price but can not guarantee quality, there are many webmaster does not recognize the host parameter, today I face this kind of situation according to their own the choice of the virtual host to write this article experience especially the choice of virtual host "look, smell, ask," the article, hope to help the webmaster friends to choose a suitable for your virtual machine.

The smell of


1, the space you need to record

The number of customer service

2, observe the vendor’s Web site, the quality of the vendor’s Web site should be excellence, every few days should be a dynamic website, there should be more columns to meet the needs of users, the site only for sales and the establishment is a waste.

told us to ask advice vendors, here I give an example, if you are to enter the Internet webmaster, you only know you need to rent a space, then we will ask the vendor:

1, dealers or agents site open speed fast, if not faster, this site provides to the virtual host you dare to use

4, you can help me explain selling space domain name

just need to ask the four questions.