The easily neglected long tail keywords source station

common long tail keywords source: love Shanghai products, inquiry platform, search engine search, drop-down box, region, season, inquiry, parity, keyword expansion keywords mining webmaster tools, the nature of the site, can not deny the long tail keywords mining methods are very effective, but just at the beginning of the article elaborated so, a lot of valuable sources of long tail keywords ignored by us, the following is a brief introduction to:

search engine promotion background

The use of A competitor to the Keywords

you may have not done a search engine promotion, but want to have a background of bidding is very easy, especially a noble baby, the price is not expensive, or if there is any friend in the promotion, can borrow, we can use the keywords to search engine promotion background mining tools for mining long tail keywords.

site are equipped with some statistical tools, not only one, but in the long tail keywords mining few webmaster use this tool, in fact you have found webmaster statistical tools, such as love will be the statistics of Shanghai statistical sources of "keywords, we can statistical analysis of these keywords, and then realize the website long tail keywords better layout.

many webmaster in website localization of long tail keywords through these long tail keywords common mining method, although have the effect, but we should not only effect and efficiency, at this time as long as you point to open several competitors website, browse through the website, website, query analysis can analyze the long tail of the reverse link keywords they made, through the long tail word is optimized, can be more accurate positioning site long tail keywords.

as a webmaster we have fewer shopping forums, but most are some webmaster forum, seldom go to some local forums, actually analyze their mode of operation is also useful, on the long tail keywords mining local forum is very potential here, accumulate a lot of local needs of users, especially as a webmaster do where the product or service station will dig out the long tail keywords valuable here.



sites are generally divided into core keywords (if the site is a sphere, so the core keyword is the center of this website, all around it is optimized), target keywords (that is, we want to go up at a certain stage of the word), long tail keywords (except the core keywords and target keywords are long tail keywords) three. The monopoly of most target keywords and promoted by the high weight of the site for the general site to survive on the long tail keywords, but not all of the long tail keywords we do, what we do is the long tail keywords most valuable, and are often the source of these words are ignored by the webmaster.

statistical tools


Most of the

keyword is good for the optimization of main competition.