Some important factors affecting the site keywords ranking

+1 is more and more important, especially for Google, but YAHOO, so Bing still have certain effect, and try to add, what are the negative effects of at least not

10, the wrong keywords

the influence of various factors on the rank of the big and small, here are some lists some of the main factors to affect website ranking, mainly applicable to love Shanghai, Google and other major search engines.


+3 web site keywords ranking on the site is also a great influence, such as 贵族宝贝boen-phe贵族宝贝/huanreqi.html, the heat exchanger in the search, to your site’s ranking will be of great benefit;


+3 for the title of the article using the H1 tag, tag subtitle with H2, other h3-h6, the role is not large, can clearly tell the search engine of this page is to describe the

keyword; Keywords contains keywords.The

, 1 keywords in the title standard

+3 from the anchor text link to other web sites, the ranking of the site is also great, try to avoid using the company name as the anchor text, and should be used as the anchor text keywords in

Keywords anchor text keywords

+0 sometimes use incorrect keywords but will bring traffic, but.


+2 although no anchor text, title and other important, but also pay attention to the value of

+2 search engine can not identify the picture is what content, but can identify ALT tags, and search engines love pictures;

9, the optimization of long tail keywords

7, ALT

6, with keywords as the beginning of


image attributes

3, the density of

8, keywords


5, H1 H2 label


+3 is also an important key words in the article, the density in general, 3%-8% is the best, too small for optimization is not obvious, too big to have suspected of keyword stuffing;

+1 optimization of long tail keywords is being the most widely used methods, in order to "heat exchanger" for example, when we optimize the "Beijing heat exchanger" and "Siping heat exchanger", can reduce competition, and more targeted, sometimes long tail keywords reaches a certain amount, also can produce than the main keywords the benefit of

+3 this is a very important factor, generally contains two to three words is the best;