Shanghai dragon Er first should be a qualified translation

1) understand the search engine

A principle of Besides

anything, in the understanding of the sequence of events, in dealing with related matters, often can do stand at a new height control. This is the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, one is the search engine, one is the optimization of the website, Shanghai dragon optimization staff from doing work coordination, coordination of the relationship between the two, the goal is to make the relationship between search engine and web site more harmonious. Then how do to let search engines become harmonious and the relationship between stations is optimized? How do you know what the result of the efforts will be controlled, and we expected the results in


again, to the Shanghai dragon line to combat

many companies in the recruitment, hit Shanghai Longfeng work recruitment, many companies is to link, simple website editor. It also caused many candidates especially graduates of misunderstanding, the link specialist and website editor equivalent to Shanghai dragon optimization. The specific work in this position, is not the real essence relates to Shanghai dragon industry.

as much as possible about the site, here will involve a lot of computer knowledge, such as static pages, HTML, div+CSS. And out of the server feedback information. Wait。

remember that there is a Nobel prize winner said: calm thinking, as soon as possible, the direction is always more important than effort.

home page, the direction set

is not only the theory of combat, equivalent to the empty talk. If you do not use theory into practice, through the practice of baptism, which really lost the theoretical significance.

2) understand the site

here is not the superficial understanding, know what is the search engine, but to understand the working principle of search engine. And what is the search engine work target.

how to become the Internet, service in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, a qualified translation? Is to point the hard work.

a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, is in some sense in doing translation work, one should know the search engine "language", one must understand the site of the "language", the most important thing is to let the two languages perfect docking, don’t misunderstand. In this way, a web site in the search engine’s performance will have a good foundation for communication. Then, according to the search engine’s preferences, targeted to do specific work, steadfast, plough, the web site in the search engine home flowers bloom, has become a very natural thing.

, there is no perfect thing in the world, the search engine is the same, will have their own difficult, so we must face up to the search engine is not perfect, the website of Shanghai Longfeng staff should work in practice, gradually understand the rules of TA. Combined with their own specific service website >