Shanghai Longfeng orders in addition to technical skills and integrity is also important

Shanghai Longfeng orders when many Shanghai Longfeng optimization company is an important business, especially some small businesses are connected to the studio, customers for basic survival, while the threshold is relatively low, can also exercise their own, and now the price of Shanghai dragon company are very opaque, from hundreds to tens of thousands the list there are many companies to orders, the basic strategy is to use unscrupulous divisive tactics, the first collection of customer deposits and money in hand, regardless of whether the customer list can optimize up, anyway, money in his hands, back is not possible, this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization company phenomenon, personally think that this is very unreasonable, only technology and skills co-exist plus integrity will be bigger and bigger.

except for the orders for some of the basic skills, knowledge of the Shanghai dragon still have to understand some of the words or the time provided by the customer, do not know how to talk to them and offer some customers do not understand the Shanghai dragon this, we can only choose keywords for them, these orders are taken into account the knowledge of Shanghai the dragon, is indispensable in order.

two, Shanghai dragon orders skills very important

as a Shanghai dragon optimization team, must have a certain amount of technical support, can let the optimization do better, before seeing some studios, basically is a few salesman with a Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, an optimization personnel do 10 optimization of several sites, no matter what technology regressed, ranking the real action will have the effect, so the optimization is not too impressive, a person’s energy is limited, every day since Links, update several articles may one day later, the customer is an impatient animal, from time to time to see the result of optimization, if the keywords will be completely indifferent, they often harassed. The Shanghai dragon orders is a team to do the best, and the need for a Shanghai Dragon technology support, task allocation can let alone The better.

Shanghai dragon

orders one or two days to learn the skills not only in the long term, to communicate with customers, will understand the situation, to be good at resolving customer psychology, such as many customers ask to see the price, all sites are built, he is not worried, just want to know, for this our customers you can slow down, just a price for their reference can; there are some peer competitors, many of which are to learn, these customers do not even need to talk to them. Shanghai Longfeng orders trust this is the focus of many customers really don’t care about the price, the low price is not to say that he’ll find a lot of customers who do, only care we can make up words, money is not the problem, in order to make them trust, personally feel that the case is very important, to some success the case shows on their own websites, do not believe, they can make contact with our old customers, this can be smoothly done or easily solved.

, a Shanghai Longfeng optimization technique support