How to optimize B2C coupon platform to select keywords

is not coupon platform, so the word "coupons" Shanghai dragon seems to be justified, see "coupons" the love of Shanghai search results, competition is quite fierce, if your website weight is not enough, so the suggestion of optimizing the "coupons" love Shanghai first drop. The following figure:


webmaster tools related to

mining coupons Keywords



home owners have a keyword mining tools in the input "coupons" search box will automatically generate a stack of coupon related long tail word and in accordance with the index size, according to the ranking to determine the degree of each keyword.

1, "coupons" and love Shanghai drop


wrote an article: "analysis of the domestic electronic coupon market outlook" mentions a B2C coupon market, a friend asked me, in Shanghai Longfeng, coupons platform should be how to choose keywords, just recently had the pleasure for a B2C platform – bargain coupons coupons. Please allow me to introduce the bargain bargain coupons coupons, coupons is the return of the network’s network platform, return the members can buy any coupons through a few points and achieve a balance, or the yuan to buy Alipay, involving more than 300 kinds of coupons mall. Well, get to the point, B2C platform should be how to select keywords coupons.


, 2 years + month + mall + coupon discount amount

drop relative to the main keywords is still relatively easy to optimize, but also can bring good traffic.

according to the above formula, can get many keywords, such as word, mall coupons, shopping mall + mall + coupon amount, July, September + mall + mall + + + mall coupons, coupons much much less in various combinations, of course, the selection of key words according to the needs of your own situation to decide. General store word is difficult, but the flow is larger, if the weight of your site is relatively low, it should start from the long tail word optimization, a lot of the long tail word accumulated flow is very powerful, slowly increase the weight, and then hit the mall, it is worth mentioning that, when the weight of your site. So, will you have a lot of long tail ranking.

4 competitors

most of the time, no matter what we optimize website, love to study competitors, do B2C platform as the keyword mining coupon is no exception, can see what competition B2C coupon website, pick a few more well-known, direct optimization of their brand, you can create a page on the site, for example I optimize the bargain coupons, I take "coupons" when competitors, then build a page – coupons coupons coupons coupons as a general store, then this page.