How to improve the site’s user experience

for the site, there is a basic condition for a rich content can make your visitors can get pleasure in your site. As a site should be dedicated to providing fresh and high quality content to visitors. The user enters your site is to obtain information, if you want to improve the user friendly experience, you must be in the shortest period of time to allow users to get information, the contents of the layout and words should have certain restrictions. There are visitors from all sides, but the user will come to your site must have the same purpose, you must provide a user related information content, rather than spurious content.

with the development of the current age of the Internet, Internet users on the site of the time more demanding. If a site within a few seconds to open, you this site even if there is no good content or attractive appearance, the user is also very difficult to take the time to wait for you. The current site access speed is a big problem for all websites need to face, how to improve the site access speed has always been as a webmaster we pursue, we except by code optimization, reduce the use of Flsdh, compressed page picture and other methods can also be improved by the server to upgrade the speed of the site.

has the inner beauty, beauty is not the lack of

the speed of the site is one of the problems can not be ignored in

search engine is targeted? Than I do not say we all know, the customer is the search engine users, then the search engine how to get more users, after all is to improve the user friendly experience. As Shanghai dragon Er many people may simply do for search engine optimization. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. We should be committed to improving the user friendly experience as the goal. The author describes how to improve the user friendly experience from several aspects.

deviate from them, content is the soul of a site

we improve the interaction of user friendly experience direction should also be committed to improving and visitors. Reply to your visitor message, published articles, discuss the nature of user survey and so on are a good way to improve the site to interact with visitors. In addition we should also.

external modification is respect for human life, we often see a number of well-dressed people will feel comfortable, and give people a pleasant feeling. The website looks the same. Your site should be designed at first glance can bring visitors attraction. The so-called beauty is not the so-called complex or fancy, to attract visitors to the site of the appearance should be concise, unique and innovative. We are not working to improve when the appeal of the website, do not blindly to the extensive use of FLASH or JS, although we should focus on the user experience, but we have a good environment for the Shanghai dragon, there must be a can make the search engine better recognition site.

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