Keywords and long tail keywords in Web site layout

is a little time for the main keywords compared to some popular keywords, a little on the layout, put them in the column, such as column headings, and pay attention to these keywords to strengthen the natural relationship with the main key words, to achieve a smooth transition and not far fetched effect. At the same time, keywords between columns and column selection should pay attention to reduce the overlapping words, words set to enhance the uniqueness and uniqueness, so as to avoid the keywords stack.

at the same time, for the above different keywords >

first, the main keywords in the Title, popular keywords on the front page.

third, the long tail keywords layout of the content page, depending on the content to do the long tail.

to do, the main keywords are generally concentrated in the Title, while the number of keywords in the Title is preferably not more than 4 popular keywords, the rest can put on the website of Description, then put the most important keywords in the layout of the website homepage.

second, a popular keyword back in column page layout.

maybe some popular type of keywords, now is the most popular and can bring better effect for site traffic than the long tail keywords, around the main keywords and popular keywords, screening, after obtaining the long tail keywords, must consider how to reasonable layout in the station in the network. For the long tail for key words in the content page to do, we should also pay attention to the content of the original quality, so can the long tail effect into play. Only the search engine increases the content on the site to grab, to make more long tail word long tail bring more traffic to your site".


as much as possible in order to increase the web site in the search engine keyword ranking in the search results and show the rate, get more search traffic, as a webmaster needs analysis, positioning and setting, good for keywords in general, we put the main keyword keyword, popular keywords, slightly popular keywords and long tail keywords, keywords for different the class should adopt different strategies, the classification and their website column set together, so as to receive the best results. Specifically, for the three classes of words, we advocate the website main keywords in the Title, popular keywords on the home page to do, for the more popular keywords are put in the column to do, for the long tail keywords are placed on the website to do, through the different other settings the reasonable arrangement of key priorities, and can produce natural relations, together with each other, between the different station page to form a reasonable correlation and keyword density, the search engine on the web site in favor enhancement, high related keyword search results ranking. In the layout of the keywords in different levels according to different levels of different sites, there are some rules we need to pay attention to the details in the following aspects: