The new journey to the West sentiment several key points in the process of optimizing


four, Shanghai dragon saseng: need not rash

experience is a difficult process, the way out to resist the intrusion of hold demons and ghosts, but also lonely. Because of this role in the whole journey on the way, only to let the whole process become less boring to learn. For the optimization process, the author thinks that we should make proper rest, don’t put the optimization as a boring work, if you are staring at a computer screen, a mechanical type with the content and the chain, then I think you optimize the road certainly not far away. So in our optimization process, we should stop, appropriate activities, listen to music, take a walk, take a rest.

recently set up to 60 Zhang Jizhong version of journey to the West has ended in the major TV, and for the perception of the evaluation of netizens have mixed. Of course, I also followed a few episodes. The story of spindle or Tang four, hardships, finally made Canon airness, which of course compared with the old version of a lot of innovation. May be their own occupation sensitivity, after the journey to the west after the author thinks that the key figures on several major really reflects the optimization of some key information in the process of. In the following I will analyze from the optimization result got several characters.


Wukong a demon slayer, as a way of escort to the great most. And to complete the escort role from its powerful capabilities and key execution. In our ranking of the whole site optimization process, we will hear such a warning is execution to high frequently. Indeed, even if we are a optimization expert, optimization of a lot of experience, if not a key execution, the theory is empty.

three, eight: Shanghai dragon to proper rest

, Tang Seng: Shanghai dragon unremittingly mentality

in a long period, full of thorns on the road from the main, the soul and the dominant figure is Tang Seng unremittingly. He knows what to do, what to do next, in order to guide members to success. Who says the optimization path is not that? We can say this, obtain ideal ranking as the canon. We firmly believe that only for the optimization of their own strength, and persevere unremittingly finish our ranking targets to make our optimization airness, get this is success.

two, Wukong: Shanghai dragon cannot do without the execution of

said no, his impression should be less. Because he has no interest in the skill is not lovely, always be scanty of words. But we can be found in the whole process from Tang’s philosophy is the most Shaseng for support, he is in charge of the luggage, steadfast, tepid to complete their tasks. In our optimization.