The old owners share some effective ways to build a stable chain

second. Build a stable chain needs to follow the website system, many webmaster in the web site you need to find the release of the chain when they left unturned to fling caution to the winds site outside the chain, and this method is the most stupid, because you lead to consequences that you fling caution to the winds of the chain is deleted. The Admin5 submission for example, many webmaster want to send an article in Admin5 to increase their site outside the chain, then try to want to stay in the URL, and this result is your site will always leave the chain in admin5. I think the website of the chain must comply with the corresponding website system, set up by the formal legal site outside the chain is also a reasonable compliance site outside the chain, we can post in some high weight forum to get outside the chain, leaving the chain can contribute in some sites, but all of this is: to abide by the website system. Many webmaster want to release the chain in the forum is advertising, advertising chain and this way leaving only a deleted way, in the course of time your site became the site of the blacklist URL, and search engine will think that your site has lost stability and reduce the corresponding weights. This practice is not good.

third. Build a stable chain also requires the webmaster want to learn to "raise".

chain of the word with the whole process of website development, from the establishment of the website is closely linked with the chain began to have been to the site closed, the stable development of the site outside the chain to help the website of harmony, we can observe some of the weight and the PR value is higher site, from their website we can draw some conclusion: the chain remained almost unchanged in the update of the time. It can be said that the chain of stability is based website development, today’s theme also revolve around a detailed description of how to construct the stability of the chain, there is hope that their website to obtain the stability of the chain webmaster friends can continue to look down.

. First build a stable chain with Shanghai dragon tools to achieve the stability of the chain will require you to find the web page has a stable and high weight, now on the market there are many chain exchange machine software, only need to input into your own web site can bring hundreds of thousands of the chain for you, and these are the chain of the chain is not stable. I suggest that if you want your site outside the chain is the stable site outside the chain you must do it yourself, find some reliable web site, set up the chain through the appropriate reasonable compliance website system, here you can use some tools to determine whether Shanghai Longfeng you find sites have a stable, is the webmaster tools in Shanghai Longfeng query, through the analysis of its flow and collection can be drawn on this site will have development potential, two is through love station network query tool can determine history site and server information website, through these information can be found outside the chain of a website is to establish, if this is. Site outside the chain is the stable site outside the chain.