The usual mentality to cope with the recent love Shanghai ranking fluctuations

rankings this is not necessary for you to change radically, immediately complained and sad, can check their site is not what the rules of the local fan, if you carefully check, do not violate the rules, OK, you will have to continue to work after two days to see if the ranking back, also don’t happy that means you website is really no problem, to continue their work on the line. If your mood also follow this ranking that your heart will change radically, not life, is the capital of revolution, life is also the cost of work station. The need to take what happens with the usual mentality.

recently in Webmaster webmaster forum or QQ group, people often say, love Shanghai ranked the day before yesterday at home, yesterday to more than 200 today, went to the home page; website becomes 0, a few days again. Every day is in fact everywhere complain, complaining about what is the use? Kotsuru certainly tell you that no use. Talk about how to deal with this kind of fluctuation.

from the top of the cartoon, kotsuru to what everybody also saw, is a man fell from the cliff top, grabbed a small tree, this person will insist, slowly the trees grew up, put this man to the opposite cliff, finally the man survived. In fact, Shanghai dragon is the same, the website ranking is not a day for two days to make up, and do you have to keep up the rankings, "

you can’t because the ranking fluctuations, immediately put his work schedule, or even deny their own work before, this is not good. This is just like you to do a thing, do it, someone said you do very poorly, you should immediately before or not, so The loss outweighs the gain. Maybe this person tomorrow he will say you do good, only when a lot of people say you do not, then you should sit down and think that there is anything wrong with you, or the wrong way, if you want to for a long time, still feel not wrong, then you will continue to do so. The same is true for the search engine optimization, ranking a big fluctuation, you immediately change the plan or deny the plan, that it’s hard to maintain a stable ranking. If we say that the word for a month or behind the rankings, this time also to sit down and think about it, at the same time to rank their different search engines under reference is not as big.

two, adhere to their own work plan


, maintain a normal state of mind

I personally think that every day is not necessary to focus on the ranking, a week on a can, so that can save time and effort, and you don’t have this emotional large fluctuations. Love Shanghai ranking fluctuation is normal, as long as you’re not cheating, so why go Yijingyizha, not only make yourself unhappy, often do not work day.