What is the strategy of update algorithm of 2015

so that the incremental crawling only for some of the more important pages, but not all of the pages, which is why the search engine update cycle on the important reason of the page will shorter. For example, frequently updated pages, search engines will often update it, which may discover new content, new links, and delete the information does not exist, so that this point is the same as before, you must insist for a long time to update the page, the love of spiders in Shanghai are more likely to find you.

2015 February, Shanghai canceled after the love snapshot, many owners are a little confused. Because the change of love Shanghai algorithm, also let many webmaster hesitated when Shanghai dragon ", want to get to know a thing, how to grasp the" update strategy?, rapidly improve the site’s visibility, now I will talk about my personal point of view, how to update the page in the new algorithm, I hope? A little help for colleagues.

search engine in the grab, not out of all the web pages are crawled, and all of the web page content is constantly more, so the search engine to get the latest information, more new page, also will update, but also to analyze, have been caught page arrangement and maintenance. I usually see page maintenance are summarized as the following 5 ways. 1. regular crawl, 2. incremental crawl, 3. classification grab, 4. history update strategy, 5. user experience strategy.

third: classification and orientation (for information classification crawl crawl)

is the first regular crawl (mainly for the slow update cycle site)


it is regularly through the grab page, the page update and maintain, as we all know, to the website all pages for maintenance, is certainly not too realistic. Based on the 2/8 rule, the search engine only needs to carry on the timing of monitoring on some important page web pages, web site to get more important information.

second: incremental crawling (mainly for page update and new view site)

regularly crawl can also be called periodic crawl, that is to say the search engine will be on a regular basis has been crawling the page updated, there are certain rules. Principle: replace the outdated page with new grab page, and delete existing pages, and the new page storage. This update is for all the way, has been crawling the page, so the update cycle is long. For example: the noble baby is generally 30 to 60 days before to crawl the page update. This is very simple and the cycle is long, the general webmaster is certainly not willing to choose this algorithm. It is suitable for the surface is relatively small, is mainly used for some content updates slow site, such as: the general enterprise station, this can not be displayed to the user changes during the update of the page, because your website content updates, until 30-60 days will be reflected in the search engine.