Yantai Shanghai Dragon how to learn Shanghai Longfeng summary


I have made similar mistakes, like many domestic Shanghai Longfeng webmaster blog everyday in his blog about the theory of things, these are almost copy and paste. But for a long time, I will find that writing more and more momentum, not only can the users responsible, not responsible for their own, then I have to practice writing practice things, just feel true to life.

2, select the one you think is most suitable for their own means of optimization.

3, more practice, more exploration, less theory, multi – Summary Writing valuable articles, is to help others help themselves.

and I recommend to you is the blog type optimization method. Although a lot of blog in the comments and reply links have done nofollow tags, but according to my experience, the more the number of testing and observation, even with the nodollow tag links also have influence to the website optimization, the greater the impact. My personal feeling is very good comments type promotion.

to write this topic, in fact some large. Because the scope of Shanghai dragon contains too wide, but recently the Shanghai dragon experience more and more slowly, learn how to optimize their websites to love Shanghai and Google in search engine page will. Shanghai Longfeng learning I feel there are a few points we can refer to. As long as you do as I said, almost all can be ranked up.

1, maintain a good attitude, do not deceive others, not opportunistic, Shanghai dragon is a means to an end.

Shanghai dragon is to make you not to go looking for customers, but let customers take the initiative to find you. Therefore, if you want to learn the Shanghai dragon, by Shanghai dragon to enhance their performance, so it is necessary to do website optimization. Don’t lie, don’t do Shanghai dragon to flow; not to opportunistic, don’t do a good to Shanghai dragon.

4, a Shanghai Longfeng technical stuff, my advice is to read the "love Shanghai Club Internet search engine optimization guide V1.0" you can go online to download specific search, can also go to my blog here is not to say.

only has value, others will be reproduced, the link will add your QQ, users will be more, your friends, your network connections will be accessible. Therefore, as long as no secret things, the share you share. To help others is to help yourself.

finally added Tongren welcome paizhuan. Yantai Shanghai Dragon King Zhou Yi (AD:贵族宝贝wangyizhou贵族宝贝.cn/taobao/), the original, reproduced retain links.

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