A qualified Shanghai dragon ER should do what details in daily work

3, to write a few soft

a week

high weight blog is released, show a good information platform. Use blog to release your website information, is a very wise, a quality approach. That will be very high, will you want to display the information communicated. Fast, frequent visits with the spider into their own website, the website visits both increase, and enhance the website weight. What are you waiting for, to raise a few weight high blog


a lot of people in primary school have been afraid of writing, heard the writing soft Wen has the heart with fear. As a Shanghai dragon worker, you must learn to write the soft, soft, not only to write to write. High quality of soft Wen, is very helpful for the promotion of. It not only reduce the cost but also improve the quality of website promotion, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. The initial stage of writing, can learn from the master technique and ask Master to share experience, but is not copied from. Remember to write soft text Oh, you pay will see the effect.

site outside the chain, is crucial to improve the keywords ranking. Outside the station optimization, largely from the chain into us, through the introduction of the chain, spiders will find a creeping line, then arrive at our website, to achieve a multiplier effect. If a website only soft release, and no auxiliary chain, it is not only the strength, the combination of the two, we want to achieve the desired effect. The chain of payment for friends of the chain to the blog post and exchange forum message etc.. In the swap chain at the same time, plus the entrainment link publish original articles, the quality is relatively good, ranking and site visits will naturally rise gradually with imagination.

2, every day to the site outside the chain of


website optimization and promotion, exactly what to do? How to do this is just getting started each effort? Shanghai Longfeng workers are entangled with the problem. Shanghai Longfeng work can be said that the real simple and complex, it is complicated in the tedious work, simple in follow on. Here we introduce some website optimization methods and related or indirectly related matters:

1, adhere to the site every day to update the original article

5, to keep abreast of

high weight ForumIn addition to the theme of

the update of the original is a key link. The probability of original articles included, the spider is very love. The number of the original update, according to the capacity of their own website, generally occupy 2 to 5 percentage points of the total (the actual situation, combined with their own website daily update).

released another way, that is the thread often play Shanghai dragon. The thread is a fast.

4, the high weight of the blog