An old website or a mature website what is the standard

keyword search in the two sites, the core keywords, but the brand is not the same word. The search for the brand to the web site of the word of the day there will still be several IP, even I saw a period of time I love Shanghai brand word has appeared in the search. This new station would have been, the old site of the long tail keywords every day can also bring a few IP, and there is no new long tail keywords ranking. So when everyone in the analysis of a web site do not simply look at a few core keywords ranking, a core keyword is a very small, a website to two simple core keywords ranking do up.

the two sites, two sites of the core keywords is the same. A website is a year ago, another site in two months ago, after less than three months time I put the core keywords in these two sites do love Shanghai home, and the old site of the rankings almost, sometimes even better than the old website ranking, only occasionally I have a floating. Although the two website ranking of the traffic on the old be roughly the same, but the website is a new website two times. The first is the search keywords to flow almost, you will see direct access accounted for the total flow from 25% but when you go to see the traffic sources.

this data tells us that our website is a fixed user groups, which is stable keywords ranking method to improve the weights of the best of the search engine, search engine is the best way to get rid of. But in the new station above the data only accounted for 2% of the poor. The second is the external links the data source of traffic accounted for more than 10%, and the new data in this area is 3%. That new promotion not ready. What is the source of search engine, new sites have ranking only in love Shanghai, so all traffic comes from love Shanghai, other search engines without any traffic. While the old site actually in other search engines accounted for 20%, I checked my old site in all search engine core keywords are arranged to the home page. The new haven’t this effect, other search engines may slow it, I believe will slowly make up, but need time, this is the difference between the old and new station.

Look at the

we often hear you say that an old web site to a new two keywords, most will take the time to define, for example, 1-3 months new web site is new sites, what new sites effect, new temporary weight, so the definition of the concept and significance. 3-6 months can be called the old new website, more than half of the site can be called the old site, general 1-3 months can solve the problems such as the website included snapshot keywords, the general level of competition will be ranked. This time 3-6 months can put the rankings up, and after half a year is an old station, we generally is the maintenance of the website ranking, ranking and do long tail keywords, the general situation is defined as estimation of old sites and new sites? But I think there is another the definition of today.