Different industry website how to correctly carry out the website optimization and promotion

, for small and medium-sized enterprise website, because their website content, products, news and so on are fixed, it is not possible to update large-scale website, including the newly established small website. Update the content scale is not normal behavior, and do not say these acquisition and pseudo original, your site itself weight is low, but not the use of large-scale updates included in the site, reduce the percentage of your website, not to promote website ranking. For a small website daily update several pieces, for small and medium-sized enterprises station cut off time updated, this is normal behavior, it will be very good included in the site. Then the optimization of these sites is certainly standing outside the focus. External links here is not introduced, we each have their own methods, but personally feel that the site and the site outside the chain should have a ratio, this ratio close to 1:1 is the most appropriate, imagine if you included site itself is not good, quality is not good, what is the chain tens of thousands of it? This is not a normal phenomenon, of course, there are exceptions, this is just a special case. This is probably the reason why a lot of people say that others outside the chain of less than the chain rankings better. Of course, the quality of the chain is 1 key, the experiment site related to the main chain of about 300 can also on the home page. There is a key place which is the pre Links exchange, in addition to the content related, snapshot time, included the number, the number of the chain and other factors, more should pay special attention to the number of links Links home chain is derived and imported into the inside pages, exchange links is a very important point is to increase the site the weight, if someone else’s home link (including the export and import of the chain to the page link) the number is too large, the weight is too scattered, to increase the weight of your site is not what.

two, this information is updated frequently, more users exchange website. For example: local portal, forum, news. If itself has a user base, the site also has a certain weight, update the website is certainly more frequent, so the website optimization focus should be in the station, including the user experience. I love Shanghai for ranking mechanism of this kind of website gives the user experience very high score. So for this kind of website, the station optimization is certainly a key station layout, internal links optimization, site structure optimization etc.. The station optimization is good, than you do outside the station for thousands of links are estimated more useful. This website is essential, as the website included increased, external links can also increase timely, website ranking and traffic will be steadily increased, so the effect is very good.

has recently been busy, not for a long time down to write the article, for the love of Shanghai optimization, observed more in different industries and different types of websites, they feel optimization method, the optimization of the rankings, including the mechanism of love Shanghai should be differentiated, the following is a detailed talk.


probably divided into 2 categories, the site itself and much less content of these 2 kinds of.