How the web site keywords love Shanghai closer to the top ranking in the search page


said, the chain to enhance the site’s ranking also plays a key role, the high quality of the chain can help to quickly upgrade the website keywords ranking, but the chain also need to pay attention to the correct methods and techniques. Although the release of the chain platform we have been very clear, here, I still want to say simply how to release the chain can be more effective, more can help website keywords have to go to the top, mainly from the following aspects:

, the original

three, multi channel chain

, the 1 degree wide chain


website to get good rankings in love Shanghai, even want to put the site keywords firmly ranked in several words in the name of the home front must adhere to the following four things every day.

released the chain, we must at the same time on different platforms, for different channel release. The chain better platform and channel quiz platform (good >

to the original, of course website ranking effect is the key, Shanghai dragon industry sector has a famous saying: "content is king, the chain for emperor", try to write every day 1 to 2 times the original articles to update the website content, this can help the website snapshot is often love Shanghai update frequency snapshot normal. If you can’t write so many original articles, also can make good use of pseudo original, also to a certain extent help website rankings quickly. However, write false original article, must pay attention to the relevant provisions of the original pseudo, general again really good pseudo original article must do the following, 1, title must be revised, 2, after reading the original articles written by the content of their own, and the 3 the beginning and the end must not be identical to the original article, the middle part can be adjusted under the.

Two, the chain

web information outside the chain, we must as far as possible more valuable web sites for many were released, for example, we posted in the forum, as not every day to the forum to release information, we must find some new forum every day website information release, such as love Shanghai search the spider grab content will appear on many websites to see their website information release, this would be the website that spider chain is valuable, so as to give the weight of the site more and give the site a good ranking position. If we publish daily information website places are the same, may be that love Shanghai site outside the chain is suspected of cheating, even if the weight of love will not give Shanghai included the chain high and improve the site’s ranking, if the information is deleted, so the website ranking caused by bad the impact will be great. So, the chain widely degree not only ensure that the chain is deleted when it will not suddenly fall so much, but also can guarantee the release of the chain is also included in Shanghai love will improve website ranking.