Diagnostic analysis of new sites keywords ranking up and down



website love Shanghai statistics, there are new content every day, that station included no big problem, update and love Shanghai snapshot also shows that the more diligent spider. Further analysis of the space of the website found that operation stability does not have what problem, open the speed of the website also awesome, with the IP of the site has not found the disadvantages of the site, the site does not mirror the occurrence of. To further check the security of the website, also did not find what code or jump like Trojan, recently had obvious changes, timely station also should have keywords so dramatically fluctuating.

again by reading of the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide", what to see if there are any illegal operations, while landing Shanghai love Webmaster Platform view the latest information, there is no change in the information what algorithm. Find yourself everything is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the optimization, and love in public in Shanghai recently, the main concern is the principle of the construction site outside the chain, and not.

dragon is in today’s check site occasionally found, because these days managers pay more attention to the new station, naturally in the process of optimization I have extra attention, always keep the attention quickly reach the target expected ranking. Keywords can be found in the process of new sites keywords ranking in a day is always up and down, challenge each fragile soul webmaster pulse. Through the observation of the chain and set, all in the normal range, a snapshot is awesome, love Shanghai for 2 hours before the snapshot in figure;


through in-depth site on the station in the audit, can not see the problem. Think about these days in order to increase the weight of the railway station, the station is all handmade, although we cannot say that one hundred percent of the original, but also called Seiko secret agents, the content of the site is around the theme of creation, there is no keyword stuffing, to avoid excessive suspicion of the optimization of all did not join in the chain. Look at the chain, to put an end to the chain of garbage, these days I will try to release a new article in A5, and other sites reproduced can get many of the chain, from the perspective of optimizing the construction of the chain is also possible. Web site has just opened a month, in order to reduce the difficulty and risk of a chain exchange website, up to now there is no exchange Links, not affect the nature of the algorithm, then what is the reason?

Through the observation of the

keyword ranking fluctuations both for the new station or the old station will encounter, compared to the old station deep under the support, the lack of new valuable content and maintain the quality of the chain, often appear more frequent fluctuations in the frequency. The new dragon also suffered several times a day volatility ranking problem, that is the habit of content and the problem of the chain, so that some unstable mentality of the webmaster is very anxious. For this image, there may be a love Shanghai normal reaction, there may be a site itself, the webmaster necessary to do the corresponding analysis.