The content of the website search optimization principle background

first, the website must pay attention to the quality of their own information, the website information should be original. For the site, how to put their information effectively to show users eyes? If 5 years ago, is certainly the major portals, such as Sina, the Sohu’s home, but in the era of search is the search engine, the best carrier. There are a large number of similar information on the Internet every day, your information without characteristics, will be submerged in the tide. Between the site and search engine, a means of communication, to love Shanghai as an example, the communication channel is love Shanghai crawlers, many people called "love Shanghai spider hands". The search engine attaches great importance to the original, the original in high evaluation, only your content is fresh, the crawlers are only interested in. Therefore, this requires web content with original, original content will make information more worth reading. If your information is copied, copying, and the search engine value is not.

The principle of



there is no doubt that at present, the network has entered the era of search. The search era, is the development of web search technology and the outbreak of mass information in the information age of two based on the premise that the Internet is not only browse the web portal and mouse users, is using search engine keyboard users, stronger interaction between the latter and the website, the viscosity is higher, the search engine has become the people to access and use information agency. To adapt, and the beginning of 2011, Shanghai love more than Tencent to become the first major network China profit companies, it shows that the current [1] network has entered the era of search, there are problems like Shanghai, not only allows you to find more accurate information, let your information can be precisely aligned to your audience.

search engine, Chinese love Shanghai, Google, Sogou, soso, 360 search and so on, the love of Shanghai market share of nearly 80%[2], so the main contradiction is the love of Shanghai China search search engine problems. Thus, specifically for search engine optimization love Shanghai (Shanghai Phoenix) has gathered, the purpose is to optimize the front allows you to send the information the first time and the first position in many search results, this is first brought a lot of traffic to your site, then your information has a certain value to related customers, that is to say, there are economic benefits. Then, in the era of search, web content and how to optimize it? According to the practice and theory, summarize a comprehensive grasp of quality and quantity, the law principle of website content construction, to promote the development of the website.

[Abstract] in the Internet as an important characteristic of the information age, how can the massive information users are effective reading, and the resulting value of related enterprises, every enterprise and website to think and solve problems, to search the site construction background, to a certain extent, between information and value. Because the search and optimization and the causal relationship, this paper focuses on how to optimize the content of the website can better be searched as the core, elaborates three optimization principles, boost the development of website content.