Summarize the website drop right reason and recovery method

website right down

2, website ranking drop or keywords ranking drop. The ranking of a website and keywords ranking can fully reflect a web site in the search engine’s weight, so once your website ranking and keyword ranking dropped substantially, the search engine on your trust or scores decreased, so the search engines give the weight of your site has decreased (which is sufficient the performance of search engine right down).

4, website. The website includes program change, template replacement, all these will affect the trust of the search engine on your site, if your site is subject to change the program or template, then the search engine will think that your site is not stable or not readable, can provide better service for users.

two, the performance of the

web site is down right

2 server or space due to the unstable drop right. Your site or server space is equivalent to the bearing site "body", if the server is not stable, so the use of the search engines crawl and user is fatal, if the "body" problem, then your website is not healthy.

5, substantial content changes. The content of the website is.

3, website title, keywords, description of the drastic changes. The title of the site is equivalent to the site’s head, so is not free to modify, drastic changes will affect the weight of your site and ranking in search engine.

drop right site can be understood as the decline in trust search engine on our website, for our website scores decreased.

3, website search engine page is deleted (by K) if your site is included in the search engine overnight by removing all said you were perhaps a name or number in the search engine of the illegal operation, so the search engines give your site the most severe punishment. (absolute performance of search engine drop right)

if our site has 100 external links, and has been the search engine to calculate the weight, so if the search engine to our website of the score is 100 points, if there are 40 links to be deleted or failure, then the search engine of our website will give me the score decreased from 100 points to 60 points, so the search engine to our website weight and trust will be greatly reduced. (for more easy to understand to illustrate, not the search engine algorithm)

1, the content of the search engine to your site included slow snapshot interval increase (but this is not absolute, just a reference factor).

1, external links, or external links. I believe most of Shanghai dragon Er all know external links for the importance of the website, and the loss of external links impact to our website is caused by the deadly.

, what is the site right down to