Shanghai dragon industry outlook to Shanghai dragon er must see

as a grass root, not highly educated, have a very good family background, not two rich generation, I am a male country from rural grass root. After graduation are engaged in some simple mechanical work, meets Shanghai Longfeng such a strange noun, began Shanghai dragon road, each Shanghai dragon rookie will encounter a variety of problems, each Shanghai dragon have some of their rookie method, then as a veteran Shanghai dragon. Talk about some thoughts on Shanghai dragon.

of the Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning

Shanghai dragon really have no future? Me earn a month thirty thousand or forty thousand really very much

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Shanghai dragon really have no future? I want to say the teacher Cardiff 300 thousand club members have groups of 354 members of the

Shanghai dragon really have no future? I want to say is that Shanghai dragon really is a very promising

heard a called "28 law" is often a lot of people, why is the 28 law, because even if the same ten people to attend a training, provide the same knowledge to everyone, but ten people also only will then have one or two good people, this is better than a company, the company will there is a central figure in general is the founder of the company, the big boss, then there will be a number of senior management, middle management, there will be a team, and then carry out their duties, so it is a company with the different positions of the same circle will be different, it will be formed, the boss class the person is basically a boss circle, senior management staff are mostly similar to the circle, then the following staff believe that the circle is almost.

, a general practitioners from Shanghai dragon road, Shanghai dragon specialist, Shanghai dragon head, development to the position of director of Shanghai Longfeng, gradually.

believes that some children in Shanghai Longfeng will often in some forums, QQ group, some of their friends to discuss some topics related to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon gradually form their own circle, this is our each person’s contacts, when more contacts with us, the problems encountered when we can quickly go so, there is a saying, that way more than friends, every one has its unique light, so please cherish your in your help when you can help friends, I would like to thank the teacher Cardiff, can be said to be truly let you have some qualitative leap when the Shanghai dragon, or participated in Cardiff teacher training, so I have a new understanding of Shanghai dragon,

in the QQ group very many people in Shanghai said that no future, Shanghai dragon dragon is not good, the market is very confusing, Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon and other negative news. In the online search related information is a lot more.

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