Share 3 weeks how will the Yangzhou Shanghai dragon do love Shanghai second

2, the competitor’s website: mainly analyzes what? (PR, domain name registration time, running time); love Shanghai reverse link (specifically, how many backlinks); output value (the actual link can each other have to import links; this paper collected (number) how many pages included specific pages, the highest included); rival update time (an opponent what specific time a day update, update the original number of articles).

The analysis of the internal structure of

found in the morning Yangzhou Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝 once to love Shanghai second, 3 times a week, it is surprising that the departure of Shanghai Longfeng share how 3 weeks will Yangzhou Shanghai dragon do love Shanghai second! The specific operation is as follows:

2, go out: because of personal and other aspects of the business, so customers will go out and talk about things, so there is no detail, I hope you will forgive me

1, said: we do not think the morning exercise is exercise, of course, physical exercise is not in this category I said. Then departed Shanghai Longfeng every morning doing what. Are generally around 7 a.m., then turn on the computer, eat a meal, it began to look at their website IIS log, look at your site if there are 404 pages, if there is a server problem, whether in the spider to my site crawling when encountered problems. IIS log reading, watching Links, check whether the Links touch, show me the Links friends website if there is a problem, whether his Links also divorced, his ranking is stable, whether in the update, here is most concerned about the related Links, every day I will take a look at them the first is to look at their website, how to maintain, second is to them to strengthen nutrition, third is to look at what could I work for them (friendship help.).

3, the competition website: page layout, main competitor analysis keywords layout, page layout layout, content layout. Here is that if your competitor analysis site layout must understand HTML code, because no matter what website, finally forms he presented are based on the HTML show, even the dynamic station, view the code is in HTML format.

, a competitor analysis

two, personal habits (mainly say in what to do every day)

3, night Xi: the day is a little tired, but still insist on

1, the number of competitors: love Shanghai. We can see specific rankings of each competitor, departed Shanghai Longfeng generally analysis of the 3 page analysis of competitors, down the main competitor is five and two for the competition, can be said together is 5 competitors fifth, the benefits for the two meeting, there are two other competitors.

The analysis of !