Personal experience am from almost no basis to do the Shanghai Dragon

high school is called "computer master", is actually a computer contact than others slightly, is not completely, then learn some VB. In the first year of University Computer Basic exemption, directly on the C language, although a lot of escape class or read a book on back, is passed. After read some JAVA, but on the one hand is an object-oriented language not suited to some, on the other hand, is more time things, now it is a half forgotten.

Shanghai dragon

then began to see the Zac blog, the first day to see hundreds of articles, but also to SEO forum mixed for a short time. Now, although in terms of technology is not the identity of the Zac, but insisted he posted every day is very admirable, and the articles on some completely new plays an important role in assisting.

above all kinds of tasks are, in a nutshell is to help people to work (the program, design like everything), is generally very low price. Because of his previous school complex, so in every kind of things are done, procedure, soft, CG, retouching, planning etc.. There is a time to help people to do the program, the last being the first well (although the low price competition is large), clients and chat. Then he said, "you will not be the site optimization?". Because the pig online mix, also saw a lot of Shanghai Longfeng task (Chinese cabbage price), that refers to the Shanghai dragon, and then used a night to see Wang Tong "". And then the client about one or two times, and finally did not work, but also is his relationship, take me to the Shanghai dragon gate.

University at the end of the first year, for a variety of reasons to drop out later at home for a short period of time did not do what thing, contact the pig Witkey websites, the website (that is network migrant workers too.

Shanghai dragon learning points 1: the foundation, if we can make good use of is a big advantage; but if not, what basis, it will not exist too much hinder.

himself in the forum, basically can contact Shanghai Longfeng the shortest time, but also the basis of poor, simply write their stories. Junior high school, with Wenquxing started programming, there is a small program GVBASIC, then they even cycle such concepts are not very understand, only one cycle of the most stupid GOTO statement, it has been written a small program until high school.

2 points: first is to learn to see some good blog, such as Zac, SEM, WATCH and so on in the flat. No matter who wrote the blog level good or >

in addition, on the web, primary school and middle school in Frontpage, this thing is actually completely useless. Because of their preference for computer graphics software, such as Photoshop (contact for a short time CG) what kinds of things are a bit, is not what the master.