Lu Cong do you have in place with nofollow blog

had written an article to the group communication, group of friends asked, you have not set nofollow? The topic will begin from here. The blog is generally going to gather their website weight. If the excess produced out of the connection, the weight will be relatively dispersed. So the rational use of blog nofollow tag is an effective way of weight cluster. The basic nofollow tag I will not be here. Of course, we should know that nofollow is the index page, but not the index search links on this page.

this point the idea is that it is the group chat, that group of friend Rob sofa, the group of friends say you set nofollow? I am very calm and said, No. Should I mean people. The blog promotion and marketing is a part of the flow from the blog of message. Like the Hot Blog message is amazing. What is the relationship between the sofa with the nofollow message? Simply said: if the blogger set the page nofollow tags, then you grab the sofa is no message any effect. Don’t get any anti chain effect. So the next time we see the next message to remember that the blog has no nofollow tag, and if you’re not very concerned about that it does not matter.

message weight

Links this is a friendly one way. If you have worked so hard to put others link, others on your link is set to nofollow, then you will not be angry now?. But today I met this situation, there are many days didn’t swap Links, so to find the chain, the problem came out. The following figure

that is on the basis of well within the chain on use of nofollow tags. Why? In the construction of the chain is maintained in high quality content, no high quality content you is to do well in the chain, the spider will climb to. Secondly we do within the chain is to let the spider crawling independent blog smoothly, but also increase the exposure rate of blog. That how to reasonable distribution of good.

chain weight



link being nofollow, this is the consequence of his making do for others. So to solve this problem, the only thing we can do is to exchange a chain of attention, there is a need to often check, to avoid doing nothing.



Global Forum for a long time, always silly! Often encounter similar problems. Today is about nofollow. Of course, the US will not go on today, that is the main idea of nofollow blog. May you already know that guidance, if you do not know, you do see wow. Good nonsense not say, to the point.

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