Links to purchase what precautions

1, the purchase link can make new rapid increase in PR and

link each sale more people want to sell better, there may be a time when you buy only a dozen outbound links, it is good, but as time goes on, he continued to sell links, will continue to have links.


love Shanghai weight The number of outbound links station The quality of

first statement, here comes the purchase link not to buy black chain, I was also a friend recommended to buy black chain, because black chain is cheap, but I don’t think that’s reliable, so there has been no purchase, old Cao also suggest that you don’t buy black chain, sometimes will harm not light.

must be observed, when the purchase link link 2

3, the purchase link effect on

buy links and make the chain, pay attention to the law, increase the regularity of the chain will rapidly improve PR and love Shanghai weight, but need to buy, you can buy two or three times a week, if you have sufficient funds you can every day to buy a certain number of links, as the number of links to purchase don’t start with too much weight and PR have increased, can increase slowly, especially high weight links, is not to buy a lot. If a new time for dozens of high weight links, it’s easy to love the interest of Shanghai, if love Hella into sensitive areas, the action will be late you love Shanghai always observed, when necessary, he will stop K.

is not the weight of high standing is the high quality of the station, PR station is also not high quality, so how to determine the link to buy high quality, old Cao gives several views: update time, PR, included the number, site space speed and stability. If the update time is slower if you wait until the next update will take effect on the link, and not you increase the link will play a role. PR will not say more, since some of the high PR link can sell hundreds of shows, PR is good. If you are buying the station link, then you must be concerned with the number included, a collection of 100 pages of the station with a collection of 1000 pages of the station is not a concept, included of course is the more the better. Effect of space velocity and the stability of the site link is also big, sometimes a link provider mostly in a local space, if the problem is likely to be a problem at the same time, the impact on you will be large.

is now a lot of friends do optimization to make new sites quickly achieve good rankings, the rapid increase in PR and love Shanghai weight, take to buy links, buy links will save a lot of time, but will put some money, saying good steel used wisely, the purchase link is a double-edged sword, are also facing some the risk benefit at the same time, the Cao Guangyun to share the advantages and disadvantages of the purchase link: